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Lances and Nozzle Headers

Using Lances and Headers for your Spray Application




Lances and spray headers are enhanced spray products which consist of a pipe with one or more nozzles attached to it.

A lance is a pipe which contains a nozzle at the end of it.  The lance is then inserted into the target area, be it a tank for cleaning or a larger pipe for injecting fluid into a gas or fluid system.

Lances are either static, meaning they stay in the target area permanently or until manually removed, or retractable, meaning the nozzle at the end of the lance can retract into the vessel or pipe so as not to be part of any further processing until the next cycle.

A spray header, also referred to as a spray bar, contains multiple nozzles which are overlapped and offset as appropriate to create an even spray distribution across the entire spray width.  A header is used when a single nozzle is not enough to cover the desired area.  Most typically headers contain flat fan nozzles and are used to spray onto conveyor belts or other moving targets.  But they can also have stationary targets and contain full cone nozzles as well.  And while most spray headers are straight pieces of pipe, some headers are curved, circular, or inverted U-shape.

Whether your spray requirement is for a lance or a spray header, Lechler can fabricate either for you which completely meets your requirements.  Just contact us, tell us what you need, and we will design and build an end product to your specifications.



This section features a variety of different lances that Lechler can provide to customers.  This includes standard flanged lances, sanitary retractable   lances, industrial retractable lances, and pneumatic twin fluid lances.

LechlerUS-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif  Product overview / technical data: Lances (PDF)



This section features a variety of different spray headers that Lechler can provide to customers.  This includes STAMM® showers (with and without a self-cleaning device), AirMist atomizing headers, ViscoMist atomizing headers, and Air blowoff headers containing our popular WHISPERBLAST air nozzles.

LechlerUS-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif  Product overview / technical data: Headers (PDF)


LechlerUS-Shop:/images/02_produkte/industrie/content/Staam_header_C.jpg This section features the world-renowned STAMM® showers and their accessories.  Lechler is proud to be the sole distributor of STAMM® products in North America.  Products include the showers themselves (both with and without a self-cleaning device), shower nozzles, an automatic cleaning device, and a variety of oscillators which can attach to the shower.

LechlerUS-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif  Product overview / technical data: Stamm (PDF)