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Working aids

Working aids

For the simplification of your work we prepared different aids.

Examples for nozzle arrangement

Click here to see examples of arrangements of

► flat fan nozzles with parabolic liquid distribution
► tongue-type nozzles
► full cone and hollow cone nozzles
► Square and offset arrangement for full cone and hollow cone nozzles

Click for examples of nozzle arrangements

Droplet size range

Determine the droplet size range on nozzle type

Click for droplet size range

Conversion programs

Calculate pressure, volume, flow and pressure / flow with our exchange programs

Click for conversion programs

Conversion factors for weight

Find out a pressure / flow chart, and the conversion factors for the weight of various materials

Click for conversion factors for the weight

Determination of pipe diameters

Determine your desired pipe diameter by diagram

Click for determination of pipe diameter

Technical Terms

Find explanations of technical terms from the atomizing nozzle

Click for technical terms