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Example: Coating process for food technology

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View our NEW Chemical Industry Brochure

Did you know Lechler's nozzles are used in many chemical applications such as:

  • Absorption
  • Injection Cooling
  • Humidfication
  • Quenching
  • Fire Protection
  • and more!


Our brochure also contains application diagrams so that you can see what types of nozzles are used.


LechlerUS-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Download the Chemical Industry brochure

Tank Sprinklers and Fire Protection

NEW Spray Nozzle Maintenance Guide

Learn how to identify nozzle problems and prevent significant quality issues from occurring.

Lechler’s New UV Coated Spray Nozzle Maintenance Guide contains information on:


  • How to detech irregular spray patterns
  • Preventative tips for nozzle maintenance
  • A nozzle chart with images of damaged nozzles


LechlerUS-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png  Download Spray Nozzle Maintenance Guide

NEW Spray Nozzle Maintenance Guide

News & Events

Thermal ZLD System Using a Spray Dry Evaporator (SDE) in Waste to Energy Plant, a Case Study

Presented by Ashwin Patni at International Water Conference on 11/16-11/20

Learn more about our VarioSpray II System

This brochure gives a complete overview of the newly developed Lechler VarioSpray II nozzle valve system with pulse width modulation. VarioSpray II allows very small volumes of liquid to be atomized while using hydraulic nozzles at the same time.

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