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View our NEW Chemical Industry Brochure

Lechler's new Chemical Industry Brochure features nozzle lances and systems for all your Chemical applications.

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View our NEW Power Plant Industry Brochure

Lechler's new Power Plant Industry Brochure features nozzles and lances that optimize your cooling and conditioning.


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Power Plant Industry Nozzles

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Advances in Cement Flue Gas Cooling

View our ad and read our featured article, "Advances in Cement Flue Gas Cooling" in World Cement

View our NEW Chemical brochure

Lechler nozzles are used in many fields of the chemical industry, this new brochure includes applications and which nozzle would work best. Download the Chemical Brochure

View our NEW Food & Beverage Brochure

The food and beverage industry demands efficient production technology due to the constant rise in the number of processed foods, the increase in reusable packaging and high throughput volumes. Lechler has your solution for any food or beverage application. Download the Food and Beverage Brochure.

View our NEW Tank Cleaning Brochure

Tank cleaning nozzles play an important role in process technology, e.g. in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry or chemical industry. From small containers up to big tanks, Lechler offers the right solution. Download the Tank Cleaning Brochure.

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