SNCR/SCR Equipment

Professional reduction of environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides

In flue gas denitrification in industrial plants, cement/lime and power plants or waste incineration plants, reducing agents such as ammonia water or urea solution are sprayed into the gas stream. In this process, it is important to generate the optimum drop spectrum from a process engineering point of view and to place it as precisely as possible into the optimum temperature range for the reaction in the gas stream. For this purpose, Lechler offers a wide range of twin-fluid nozzle lances and the appropriate injection system to reliably meet the required limit values.


SNCR applications

SNCR process

With the selective non-catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides, the reagent is injected directly into the hot flue gas at temperatures of 950° – 1,050° C.

SNCR process

SCR process

With the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides, the reagent is injected at temperatures around 300 – 400° C and then reacted in the catalyst.

SCR process

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