What Are the Basics of Tank Cleaning?

Discover how to uphold proper cleaning standards for your tank cleaning needs with Lechler nozzles.

How Do I Know When My Spray Nozzle is Worn?

We discuss maintenance designed to extend nozzle life, as well as common symptoms of damage that require further action.

Conventional vs. Multi-Channel Air Nozzles

We discuss the differences between both air nozzles, closing with the advantages of a multi-channel air nozzle for countless applications.

Food & Beverage Industry Equipment Cleaning: Selecting a Safe, Effective Method

We discuss how evaluating your needs, planning for the right cleaning solution, and knowing options will help you to select a safe equipment cleaning method.

The Importance of Disinfection and Hygiene in the Food and Beverage Industry

As consumers are offered a more extensive product range, improved processes are required. Be sure you have the proper tools to maintain hygiene regulations.

Reduced Emissions Through Evaporative Gas Cooling

We explore the importance of evaporative gas cooling, the evolution of cooling systems, and how to apply proper fluid application inside of a downcomer duct.

How to Keep Your Equipment Free of Bacteria

We explore one industry uniquely prone to bacterial buildup, tips to keep your equipment bacteria free, and the best nozzles to keep equipment consistently sanitized.

The Best Rotating Cleaning Nozzles for Penetrating Your Most Difficult Soils

With over 140 years of engineering experience, our cleaning nozzles maintain a reputation of excellence and are designed to penetrate difficult soils every time.

Simple Ways to Reduce Water Consumption

In the content below, we demonstrate how simple reducing water consumption can be – with the proper nozzles. Flow capacity, maintenance, and cleaning processes are each explored in depth.

Water Conservation for Industrial Use

As the cost of operations rises across many industries, conserving water is an excellent way to save money and resources without compromising quality.

The Need for Efficiency: How a Major Fast Food Chain Benefited From a Smoother Process

Workers in the food and beverage industry expect to use easily operable and maintainable equipment, allowing them to perform their own jobs efficiently.

The Use of Flushing Nozzles to Clean a Lauter Tun

Explore the role of the Lauter Tun in the brewery process, cleaning challenges associated with this piece of equipment, and Lechler’s custom solution.

Measurement Technology Center

Lechler has a state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities, allowing our engineers to perform rigorous trials and accurately document each spray nozzle’s features and spray forms.

Refurbishment Services

Lechler provides in-house and on-site refurbishment services to prolong the useful life of your nozzle systems and ensure maximum efficiency during use.

Interview with Bob Garstki: Tank Cleaning Considerations to Help Improve Your Process

Aside from nozzle operating principles there is additional criteria that you should take into consideration for your tank cleaning process.

Aftermarket Equipment Cleaning Solutions

Increased demand requires greater production and reduced downtimes, leaving little room for error, especially when food safety and quality are critical.

High Pressure Isn't Always Effective

Specific details, such as pressure and impact, are equally important for optimal efficiency, accuracy, and consistency as choosing the right nozzle.

The Proper Guide to Tank Cleaning

In the content below, we explore each facet of tank cleaning in depth. Our goal: to provide a helpful guide to plan a perfect tank cleaning process.

Series 5P5 “PopUp Clean” Nozzles: Eliminating Spray Shadows

We’ll discuss the 5P5 “PopUp Clean” nozzle, an FDA-compliant tool for cutting-edge equipment sanitation, such as eliminating spray shadows.

The Benefits of High-Quality Coating Nozzles

For industries that require viscous product coating, such as food-processing plants, utilizing excellent nozzles is crucial to producing quality products.

Never Worry About the Consistency of Your Spray Coatings for Food Products Again

Consistency is important to nearly every area of life. In the food industry, consistency is crucial – especially when food spray coatings are applied.

Experience Cost Savings and Better Performance with Rotating Water Heads

Rotating water heads provide cost savings and better performance, serving your bottom line and streamlining your cleaning process.

The Best Types of Nozzles for Efficiently Cleaning Your Food Processing Tanks

Consumers and producers alike understand how important it is for food processing tanks to be efficiently kept clean and free of bacteria.

How the Right Water Nozzles for Cleaning Can Save Your Company Money

The right water nozzle for cleaning your equipment can save your company precious resources. This helpful guide provides the information you need to know.

How to Effectively Remove Beerstone Buildup with Controlled Rotational Cleaning Devices

With the help of controlled rotational cleaning devices, your tanks will become beerstone buildup free during the cleaning process.

Save Money by Choosing the Right Tank Cleaning Nozzle

Choosing and utilizing the right tank cleaning nozzle for your specific application will save money and important resources.

The Importance of Following Proper Brewery Tank Cleaning Procedures

The importance of following proper brewery tank cleaning procedures can’t be overstated. With the correct nozzle, they will ensure a safely cleaned brewery tank.

Are You Using the Proper Tank Cleaning Device for Your Application?

Searching for tank cleaning solutions results in many cleaning nozzles. With many options, how do you know if you are using the proper tank cleaning device?

What is the Best Way to Dispose of Large Quantities of Wastewater?

Wastewater industry workers know that the disposal of wastewater is no small task. This article explores the best practices for wastewater disposal.