Industrial Cleaning

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In order to ensure the cleanliness of end products and the quality of subsequent processes (such as hardening, electroplating or coating), particles or unwanted coatings must be removed. Industrial parts cleaning ensures these processes, e.g. by using nozzles on the parts to be cleaned.

Industrial cleaning

Application | Industrial cleaning

Cleaning of engine pistons

Cleaning of engine pistons

  • Efficient and reliable nozzles are required for cleaning aluminium engine pistons in dual-lane continuous cyclic cleaning systems.
  • When small installation spaces are only available, the series 612 nozzles is perfect.
Oil sump cleaning

Oil sump cleaning

  • Nozzles are used to clean aluminum oil sumps on continuous cleaning systems with four-sided spraying.
  • Thanks to the simple installation and quick replacement of nozzles, the system's maintenance costs for these facilities can be reduced.


  • Nozzles are used for high-pressure water aided by a robot for jet-deburring.
  • Lechler flat jet nozzles have a very narrow spray depth which achieves a very precise cleaning effect.

Highlighted Products

Lechler Flat Fan Series 612

Nozzles for cleaning engine pistons

Series 612

Applications: Cleaning installations, cooling headers spray pipes.

Technical data (pdf, 191.68 KB)
Lechler Eyelet clamp/Retaining nuts

Accessories for oil sump cleaning

Eyelet clamp/Retaining nuts

Application: simple installation and quick replacement for oil sump cleaning.

Technical data (pdf, 244.55 KB)
Lechler High-pressure flat fan nozzles

Nozzles for deburring

Series 602/608/652

Sharp uniform flat fan with an extremely narrow jet depth.
Applications: High pressure cleaners, steam jet cleaners

Technical data (pdf, 144.47 KB)

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