Static cleaning nozzles

For special requirements

The range of applications of the static cleaning nozzles in the support of rotating cleaners focuses on particularly difficult tasks, such as equipment cleaning and the avoidance of spray shadows.

Sprühbilder statischer Reinigungsdüsen

They deliberately support the cleaning efficiency of the process and are used in addition to rotating cleaners or spray balls to reach hard to access places and for removing persistent soiling

Static cleaning nozzles

Static cleaning nozzles

Lechler full cone nozzles 490/491

Series 490/491

Non-clogging nozzle design. Stable spray angle. Particularly even liquid distribution.

Applications: Cleaning and washing processes, surface spraying, Container cleaning, foam precipitation, degassing of liquids.

Technical data (pdf, 611.88 KB)
Lechler deflector-plate nozzles series 524/525

Series 524/525

Full cone spray. Non clogging nozzle without swirl insert.

Applications: Fire fighting and broadcast spraying, wide area spray.

Technical data (pdf, 258.14 KB)
Lechler Flat Fan Nozzles Series 632/633

Series 632/633

Standard design with conical, self-sealing thread connection. Stable spray angle. Uniform, parabolical distribution of liquid. Spray pipes equiped with these nozzles show an extremely uniform total distribution of liquid.

Applications: Spray cleaning, surface treatment, filter cleaning, belt cleaning, lubricating, coating.

Technical data (pdf, 120.21 KB)
Lechler Flat Fan Nozzles Series 676

Series 676

Swiveling nozzle for precise adjusting of jet direction. No gaskets necessary. Long, unproblematic service life.

Applications: Cleaning, cooling, lubricating.

Technical data (pdf, 82.96 KB)

Useful information for optimized cleaning processes

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

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The fundamentals of cleaning technology
Designs and operating principles

Designs and operating principles

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Designs and operating principles
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Innovative concepts, state-of-the-art nozzle design, many sizes/materials

Tank and Equipment Cleaning Nozzles


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