Benefits of Humidification Nozzles by Industry

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When we think about safer, more productive workspaces, humidification may not be the first solution to come to mind. However, failing to implement this technology in your facility can result in missed opportunities for the benefit of your building, products, and employees. 

Powerful humidification control not only has the capability to increase the output speed for machines and improve mechanical processes but can also be used for a wide range of other benefits. From reducing deformations in materials to eliminating static electricity, airborne illnesses and more, here we will cover the many benefits of industrial humidification control. Find your industry, and the best nozzle for your specific needs below.

The Benefits of Industrial Humidification Control

Precise humidification control remains a vital component of many industrial and manufacturing processes. Being able to create and sustain an optimal level of humidification is beneficial to a wide range of industrial scenarios and is used to increase production rates and improve product quality. However, humidification control is also used to keep workers safe and more comfortable, both of which help increase your production efficiency. In short, humidification control can provide a high ROI, unmatched by many other industrial solutions.

Humidification Control: Application By Industry

If you want to learn more about common humidification control issues and how humidification solutions can be optimally integrated for your specific industry, you came to the right place. From general manufacturing to the food and beverage industry, we cover why better humidification control is a necessity across industries. Start to work more quickly and productively by browsing the list below.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry has a significant reliance on proper humidification when it comes to the quality of products. The cheese aging and bread proofing process are two major instances of this fact. For example, the proofing of bread (the process of activating the yeast in dough to create risen bread) requires consistent levels of humidification and heat in order to ferment and rise to appropriate heights. Dry air has difficulty retaining heat, meaning that in normally dry locations, commercial humidification products are necessary for properly risen bread products.

Controlled humidification levels are also important during the packaging process, ensuring label inks or wraps do not adhere incorrectly, resulting in ruined products.

Plastics & Composites

The plastic industry is one in particular that suffers heavily from the effects of static electricity during production. Luckily, humidification control nozzles are perfectly suited to minimize static in indoor environments. Additionally, if you find that your composite materials are sticking to machines, falling apart, or losing their shape, proper humidification control can provide quick and effective solutions.  


Low humidification can also cause costly stoppages in the manufacturing of textiles. Again, static electricity is the main culprit, causing the yarn in weaving and spinning machines to become brittle, leading to easy breakages and lowered product quality.

In addition to issues with static, the heavy industrial weaving machines used for textile production can generate significant amounts of heat, leading to the creation of their own climate. This added obstacle often renders typical environmental control systems largely ineffective. Properly installed humidification systems solve both production concerns with affordability and ease.

Universal Hygienic Applications

Clean rooms and any other space requiring above-average standards of hygiene are common in many production facilities and specialty labs. Humidification control works to keep microscopic dust and debris at a minimum, meeting the tight tolerance requirements of these rooms and keeping products well protected and pure. 

General Manufacturing

Regardless of which manufacturing processes are used or which products are being made, your facility benefits from having an ideal production environment. Proper humidification control is a part of that environment. For example, high-tech manufacturers rely on reduced static electricity levels to keep their sensitive products safe from damage. Similarly, medical manufacturers need to work hard to control dust and keep their products safe for human use. With such a broad range of applications, humidification is critical for general manufacturing purposes.

Finding Your Industrial Humidification Control Solutions With Lechler

When it comes to your industrial humidification nozzles, Lechler has a high quality and effective solution for all. Our humidifying nozzles are designed to deliver unequaled power and performance for dust control, product dampening, air humidifying, and other humidification control needs.

If you would like to learn more about our full line up of products or are interested in creating a plan for the specific needs of your facilities, we invite you to get in touch with our team today by filling out our online form. Once submitted, a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to help you find the best spray solution.