Conventional vs. Multi-Channel Air Nozzles

Conventional vs. Multi-Channel Air Nozzles

Air nozzles are utilized in multiple industries for a multitude of applications. Compressed air is primarily paired with these nozzles, an indispensable – and expensive – commodity. Unfortunately, compressed air is often not an optional utility. The efficient application of compressed air resides in the nozzle itself!

While selecting the proper tool, companies can select between conventional and multi-channel air nozzles. Below, we discuss the differences between both air nozzles, closing with the advantages of a multi-channel air nozzle for countless applications.

Air Nozzle Usage

Air nozzles of all kinds disperse air or steam in a concentrated area. Generally, most varieties have a flat fan or solid stream spray pattern, often applied for blowing off or out, cleaning, cooling, or drying. Although anyflat fan or solid stream nozzle can be operated with air rather than liquid, nozzles distinctively engineered for compressed air or steam applications perform best.

Conventional vs. Multi-Channel Comparison Factors

Compressed air is indispensable, a frequently utilized tool in a plethora of industries. The applications of compressed air are many, including cleaning, drying, cooling, and blowing off. However, for many industries, compressed air is one of their most expensive utilities. Therefore, conservation through efficient use is important.

Below, we compare conventional and multi-channel air nozzles, especially regarding the conservation of compressed air and overall functionality.


Conventional air nozzles are designed to blow air through a single hole. While a seemingly simple design, conventional nozzles often produce a loud, ear-splitting hissing noise while in use. This volume can affect or even harm hearing over time.

Why is this? The intense volume is produced by turbulences generated at the air outlet. Intensity varies, depending on the shape of the nozzle orifice and the amount of inlet air pressure. Thus, as the need for pressure increases, the noise level rises.

Multi-channel air nozzles are strategically designed to avoid unpleasant noise during operation. A total of 16 air channels are arranged to ensure optimum flow conditions, producing a uniform and powerful overall air jet during use without intense volume. Multi-channel air nozzles reduce noise levels by up to 12dB.

Air Consumption

Conventional air nozzle design requires an increase of air pressure whenever an increase of blowing force is required. As a result, this increases volume and additionally heightens the amount of compressed air consumed during jobs when strong blowing force is necessary.

Strategic design allows multi-channel air nozzles to increase blowing force without a drastic increase of inlet air pressure. Therefore, less air is consumed during difficult jobs that require strong blowing force. Furthermore, multi-channel air nozzles provide better power over greater distances.


Unfortunately, compressed air consumption translates to increased operating costs. Thus, multi-channel air nozzles offer lower operating costs and increased efficiency for organizations looking to optimize compressed air usage and produce high-quality work.

Advantages of Multi-Channel Air Nozzles

#1. Cost-Efficiency

As aforementioned in the comparative analysis above, multi-channel air nozzles are cost-effective. In fact, in comparison to conventional nozzles, Lechler’s air nozzles make it possible to reduce compressed air consumption by nearly 45%. As compressed air is utilized for more applications (and energy costs consistently rise), the need for savings in this area can be hugely impactful for business profitability.

#2. Employee Safety

As stress increases, employee concentration and efficiency falters. In situations where conventional air nozzles are implemented, noise-related stress can both reduce production quality and – most significantly – damage hearing. Multi-channel air nozzles verifiably reduce noise by up to 25%, reducing noise-related stress and positively impacted both productivity and production quality.

#3. Service Offering

Multi-channel air nozzles are strategically designed by Lechler engineers. Thus, we gladly advise organizations looking into this compressed air nozzle solution, assisting in the discovery of an optimally tailored solution. Multi-channel air nozzles can improve quality and optimized process reliability.

Multi-Channel Air Nozzle Applications

#1. Cleaning and Blowing Off

Frequently, air nozzles are utilized for blowing off swarf. Multi-channel air nozzles efficiently remove swarf, while reducing noise levels. Fixed installation or connection to an air gun is possible with Lechler air nozzle varieties.

#2. Cooling

While water is one of the most common cooling methods, air and other gases are also utilized to cool surfaces. Multi-channel air nozzles quietly cool surfaces without utilizing water, providing a uniform cooling effect.

#3. Drying

Air nozzles are most often used for drying applications in the beverage industry. Multi-channel air nozzles remote unwanted liquid droplets that commonly form during the bottle filling process, improve printing quality, and allow for higher productivity due to faster drying times.

#4. Selecting and Sorting

Perhaps an unlikely application, air nozzles can select and sort objects while operating with short pulses. Multi-channel air nozzles never contact the products, producing a completely hygienic operation. As a result, short, powerful air pulses provide precise control for removing or sorting products on conveyor belts.

#5. Ionizing

In the semiconductor industry, air nozzles help supply ionized air during the manufacturing process. Multi-channel air nozzles prevent a buildup of static electricity and assure the highest quality in the semiconductor industry.

#6. Creating and Air Curtain

When nozzles are arranged closely to one another, an air curtain can be created. Multi-channel air nozzles provide a unique advantage. The overlapping air jet zones create a closed air curtain and quality is guaranteed in dirt-sensitive processes.

Lechler: State-of-the-Art Nozzle Solutions

At Lechler, we are more than just a nozzle manufacturer. We provide custom engineered spray solutions for various markets, including food and beverage, chemical, steel, and power generation. Our nozzles are strategically designed with state-of-the-art testing capabilities for optimal efficiency!

If you are interested in learning more about how Lechler’s multi-channel air nozzles can improve your compressed air usage for a plethora of applications, please reach out at 800.777.2926 or fill out our online contact form.