Coating Nozzles - The Benefits of High-Quality Equipment

The benefits of high-quality coating nozzles - spray coating nozzle

When W. Edwards Deming commented, “Improve quality, you automatically improve productivity,” he was right on. Quality is important for businesses of any kind, in any industry, and great products come from high-quality equipment and procedures. For industries that require viscous product coating, such as food-processing plants, excellent nozzles are crucial to quality products. The following content explores why quality is important in any industry and how high-quality coating nozzles benefit quality-seeking industries.

High-Quality Business

Quality matters. Exceeding standards and the status quo immediately places your company above the rest. How?

  • Satisfying Your Customers: Customers first utilize a company’s product with certain expectations. Customers expect quality. They expect the item to work well, taste delicious, augment a process, or revolutionize their way of life. Meeting (even exceeding) customer expectations leads to returning patrons and, ultimately, brand representatives. Of course, failure to meet these expectations produces unhappy customers who probably won’t return to your product – and may even negatively represent your brand to their circles of influence.
  • Developing Your Reputation: As discussed, customers’ experiences with your product result in positive or negative brand representation, ultimately resulting in a reputation for your company, good or poor.
  • Revolutionizing Your Industry: Meeting the established standards is not enough to set your company apart from the rest. Revolutionizing your industry should be the goal, setting new standards along the way. Accomplishing this begins with high-quality product.
  • Cutting Your Costs: Though perhaps counterintuitive at first glance, investing in high-quality processes to create quality product is cost-effective in the long run. Investing in high-quality systems eliminates defective products, potential legal issues, etc.

High-Quality Coating Nozzles

Superior products are the result of high-quality equipment. In a viscous coating industry, nozzles are a primary piece of equipment, essential to the creation process. What are the benefits of quality coating nozzles?

  • Satisfied Customers, Positive Reputation: Once more, customers who expect quality and receive it will create a powerful band of ambassadors for your company. We all remember a time when we were unsatisfied with a product. For example, have you ever opened a bag of potato chips of which about half are salted, some hardly at all, others exploding with sodium? This is the product of a low-quality coating nozzle, producing uneven distribution.
  • Cutting Costs: Purchasing high-quality nozzles for your company is an investment. There is no way to cut corners. However, the long-run result is worth the down payment: high-quality product that satisfies your customers every time.

Lechler: Engineering Your Spray Solution

Lechler is a nozzle manufacturer that provides high-quality solutions for a range of industries. We provide many options for food industries requiring coating nozzles, ideal for a variety of applications. For small liquid volumes, we recommend our VarioSpray line, a nozzle system that is flexible, utilizing minimal fluid, saving resources and money. We also provide a number of nozzles specifically designed for meat cooling and belt cooling.

Whatever need you may have, we aim to meet that, exceeding your expectations with every product. If you don’t see the perfect item, contact us today to talk about a custom solution for your specific application!