Refurbishment Services

refurbishment services

Nozzles and nozzle systems play a critical role in all production stages of descaling and roll cooling applications. The complexity of them requires in depth assembly and mechanical knowledge. Lechler’s SELECTOSPRAY and Descale Headers are among the most detailed and as with any product, these systems wear down over time. When this occurs, detailed assembly and mechanical knowledge are required to effectively refurbish.

Led by a team of industry experts, Lechler provides in-house and on-site refurbishment services to prolong the useful life of your nozzle systems and ensure maximum efficiency during use. In the following content, we discuss one tailored engineered solution in depth; then we explore two refurbishment options readily available to Lechler customers.

SELECTOSPRAY  Roll Cooling Systems

Our SELECTOSPRAY systems are meticulously designed to augment spray patterns onto the work role. The industry standard for cooling in the rolling of flat steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous strip, we poured wealth of knowledge into the construction process. We kept the importance of symmetrical and flexible spray patterns that adapt to your process on the forefront of our minds. Our design is widely utilized. Over 300 SELECTOSPRAY roll cooling systems have been installed around the globe in cold rolling mills for steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals. Aluminum hot tolling mills and foil mills have also profited from this product.

Take a dive deeper into the complexities of our state-of-the-art cooling system.

Our Strategy Behind General Design:

The roll barrel is divided into separate zones. Each zone has coolant applied to it by MODULAX valve controlled spray nozzles. Manually or automatically, each zonal spray nozzle can be operated independently of the others in connection with any shape control systems currently available. We carefully match the roll zoning to the shape metering roll. Typically, we see general widths used between 25 mm and 100 mm. Our goal with this zoning technique is precise cooling control.

We considered, of course, how the sprays come in contact with the roll surface. To ensure uniform cooling, a precise footprint geometry (pictured above) is required. The detailed geometry ensures uniform cooling along the entire work rolls and across the cooling area. Optimal heat extraction then occurs across the spray cooling area.

Our Strategy Behind Spray Header Design:

During the design process, we arrange the spray zones strategically. We eliminate both interference and the possibility of hot and cool bands in adjacent cooling zones. To obtain ideal heat transfer, we consider two primary factors. First, nozzle flow rates and spray angels are considered. Then, we take the positions of the mill’s spray headers into account. With these two factors carefully taken into consideration, we design our spray headers.


At Lechler, our systems are built with high-quality materials that are easily customizable to specific applications. We construct our SELECTOSPRAY systems with robust forged Stainless Steel, custom engineered to fit specific mill geometric and flow capacity requirements. The spray system corrects reliably asymmetrical strip shape defects and supports work roll bending.


Lechler’s SELECTOSPRAY  series is customizable to a wide variety of applications. Whether you require pneumatic valves or electro-pneumatic valve systems with fast response times, this product is ideal. We assure long valve life, easy maintenance, superior performance, and ultimate clogging resistance.


Finally, the MODULAX valve design is available in difference versions, excellent for various applications.

  • Pneumatically controlled with the solenoid in the control cabinet outside of the mill
  • Electro-pneumatically with the solenoid directly attached (DSA)
  • Purely electrically controlled (EVA)

What is consistent in all three versions? Every valve has large coolant entry ports and are simple to remove from the header front. Furthermore, every valve is protected by the header and come with self-aligning flat jet nozzles.

As mentioned earlier – and demonstrated above – our custom engineered nozzle solutions are complex, strategically manufactured for intricate applications. Thus, when the time comes to refurbish these precise systems, the team of experts who designed them should work closely with those renewing and revitalizing the system. Lechler provides these services. Examine a summary of our refurbishment services for Descale Headers and SELECTOSPRAY  Roll Cooling Systems.

Descale Header Refurbishment

At Lechler, our test lab uses state-of-the-art equipment to inspect your nozzles, including Descale Header systems. Our team of experts inspects your header system in house. Then, we take appropriate steps to refurbish your system. Some advantages of refurbishing with Lechler include:

  • Refurbished header with replaced components
  • Verified and tested system
  • Cost savings
  • Quick turn-around

Lechler’s extensive refurbishment program includes:

  • Ultrasonic testing to identify weak areas
  • Nozzle wear testing
  • Hydro-static pressure test to 1.5 times the operating pressure to identify and repair leaks
  • Replacing and updating nozzles and accessories


We understand that every rolling mill has specific priorities and maintenance considerations. Our goal is to ensure that your Roll Cooling System runs properly and efficiently. Our SELECTOSPRAYrefurbishment services come as part of a modular kit from which you can choose the maintenance you really need for your specific considerations. The list of refurbishment services we offer is extensive, including:  

  • On-site or off-site system inspection and repair
  • Spare headers provided for off-site repairs
  • Final inspection spray header testing
  • Additional hose refurbishment services
  • On-site training and consultation

A few advantages of choosing refurbishment with our expert team at Lechler include:

  • Longer production life
  • Fewer quality issues
  • Increased cost savings
  • Fast turn-around

Lechler: Engineering Your Spray Solution

Lechler is a world-renowned leader in spray technology, with over 140 years of engineering experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to an unparalleled understanding spray technology. As a company, we are dedicated to providing numerous markets and industries with high-quality spray solutions, perfectly adapted to specific applications. We design custom solutions – and we want to partner with you!

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