The final process of steel production is important to produce a superior product. In order to optimize the pickling or rinsing phase you need the right spray header to produce a consistent even coverage. Lechler offers custom spray headers for both applications.

During this process, your nozzle sprays should provide even liquid distribution over the entire width. In order to achieve this we recommend flat fan nozzles with an overlapping arrangement. Our custom plastic spray headers are manufactured by Lechler and designed to your specifications

Effective rinsing is critical to stop the chemical reaction and prevent over pickling. Any areas that are missed due to uneven coverage or spray gaps could result in quality issues.  In order to avoid these issues, you need the appropriate nozzle header. Lechler offers a self-cleaning shower header, which is perfect for this challenging task.  This shower header is designed with a full length stainless steel internal brush, which is controlled by a wheel positioned at the end of the header. When the wheel is turned, the internal connected brush rod assembly sweeps past the nozzle orifices and helps unclog debris. The wheel also opens a flush out valve so all of the material gets swept out of the pipe without ever shutting down the sprays. Close the valve and you’re back in operation, it's as simple as that! 


Whether you are looking to optimize your pickling or rinsing process, we are confident our support team can provide the right header solution to get the job done. Contact us, our experts are ready to help every step of the way.

Contact our spray experts for assistance in selecting the right header for your application.