Air Quality Control Systems: Optimal solutions for waste-to-energy plants

More and more countries are prohibiting the dumping of waste in landfills. Incineration is becoming the only procedure for residual waste disposal. Avoiding harmful emissions and legal requirements pose enormous challenges for plant operators. We at Lechler provide you with comprehensive advice taking your specific plant and environmental conditions into account.

We work together with you to develop a needs-based solution for your application. From beginning until end we will support you with consulting services ranging from process analysis to turnkey solutions.

Overview of Lechler applications in waste-to-energy plants

Injection with cluster head nozzles to reduce dust turbulence during unloading and handling.Atomization of aqueous ammonia for non-catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides.Disposal of highly corrosive water collected in the waste bunker by atomization.Disposal of remaining liquids of the wet scrubbers by complete evaporation.Atomization of suspension for efficient separation of HCl.for wet flue gas desulphurization.Atomization of suspension for efficient separation of SO<sub>2</sub>.Atomization of aqueous ammonia for catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides.Atomization of aqueous ammonia for catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides.Gas Cooling Tower (GCT) </br> DeSOx spray absorber </br> DeSOx CFB <br/> Replacement of rotary atomizer

Choosing the right nozzle and system

1SR nozzle lances

Twin-fluid nozzles for semi-dry flue gas desulphurisation.

Lechler Online Cleaning (LOC)

The convenient Cleaning-in-Place system for twin-fluid nozzle lances.

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