Ethanol companies that deal with dust understand how it may hamper equipment functions and can cause safety issues due to the risk of combustion. Dryer Gas Cooling Systems and dust suppression PopUp nozzles designed by Lechler can minimize your dust explosion and fire risk. 

With over a century of experience under its belt, Lechler has detailed know how to design emergency quench system for dryer exhaust to rapidly cool the gas without causing any duct wall wetting.

Plants can precisely control the gas temperature entering the hotbox without requiring tempering air. Once initiated, this cooling system can quickly bring the gas temperature to desired setpoint very quickly and allows operator to manage dryer performance and bring it back in control.


Lechler has a new design of pop-up fire suppression nozzles that remain recessed inside its housing until they are fired. There is no elastomer to seal the surface making it a perfect choice for high temperature dryer application. The significant benefit they offer is that there is no surface where wet DDGS grain can build up and plug the nozzle thereby minimizing risk of malfunctioning sprays in case of dryer fires.


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