Sulpher Solutions

That All Started with Spraco

Lechler is known for its high-quality spray nozzles, which are widely used in various industrial applications, including sulphur processing. Sulphur applications often involve processes like sulphur burning, sulphuric acid production, and gas cleaning, where precise and efficient spraying is crucial.


Sulphur burning nozzles and guns are specialized equipment used in the combustion of sulphur for the production of sulphur dioxide (SO₂), which is a key ingredient in various industrial processes, including the production of sulphuric acid. The benefits of using sulphur burning nozzles and guns are numerous and include:

  • Improved sulphur combustion
  • Lance leak elimination
  • Durable construction
  • Environmental benefits
  • Customization and versatility
Lechler sulphur nozzles and gun

Spraco Becomes Lechler

Spraco became part of Lechler in the USA in 1997. Lechler acquired Spraco to expand its product offerings and strengthen its presence in the North American market. This acquisition allowed Lechler to integrate Spraco's nozzle technology and expertise into its operations, enhancing its ability to serve various industrial applications, including those in sulphur processing.

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