Lechler Maintenance Services for 5TM

Maintenance by the customer

Due to varying operating conditions that components are subjected to, we recommend performing maintenance in two steps: (1) Minor maintenance after 500 operating hours (Maintenance 1), and (2) Major maintenance after 1000 operating hours (Maintenance 2).

Maintenance 1 after 500 and 1500 hours

Maintenance 2 after 1000 and 2000 hours


Operation Manual (pdf, 1.59 MB)

Full service maintenance by Lechler

We also offer a full service maintenance package where you send your unit directly to us and we send it back. The maintenance at Lechler is carried out by our technicians who have been trained for this. The maintenance service offered includes the 5TM Spare Parts Package. 

Tank Cleaning Nozzle Return Form


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