Lechler Whirly 2: The clean solution for efficient tank and equipment cleaning

Meet the new member of our tank cleaning nozzle family: The Whirly 2 has a hygienic design, and provides efficient cleaning due to its powerful flat jet sprays.

The Whirly 2 offers a wide range of connection options and is available with many different flow rates or jet angles. All technical features of the Whirly 2 can be found on our product page under the following link.

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Whirly 2 Showroom – The virtual nozzle experience

Experience the new Whirly 2!

Navigate through our virtual Whirly 2 showroom and interactively learn all the technical details of the Whirly 2 on your virtual tour. In the showroom, all information is available for you to download directly at the POI. Drop by – the Whirly 2 showroom is open 24/7.

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HygienicFit – The perfect match for Whirly 2

Our perfect match for the Whirly 2: The HygienicFit adapter. It was specially developed for the hygienic connection of Lechler rotating cleaning nozzles. The adapter is welded directly to the supply line so that the rotating cleaning nozzle and the adapter form a clean unit.

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