Whether your spray application requires precision or broad coverage, Lechler has designed a complete line of Full Cone Nozzles to perfectly support your processes at any point. Our knowledge of processes makes us more than just a nozzle manufacturer.


Series 490/491 full cone nozzle is perfect for Chemical applications requiring fine droplets, such as gas cooling or material separation.  This axial style full cone nozzle is designed with a new patented style Z-style vane for high performance, allowing for optimal spray distribution and a stable spray angle. 


  • Cleaning and washing processes
  • Surface spraying
  • Container cleaning 
  • Foam precipitation 
  • Degassing of liquids


For heat exchangers, uniform spray coverage is important for the large surface areas that need to be sprayed.  For this purpose our engineers designed the Series 403 full cone nozzle.  This axial full cone nozzle can produce larger flow rates, without compromising the uniformity of the spray distribution.


  • Surface spraying 
  • Spraying over packings
  • Chemical process engineering 
  • Cooling of gaseous fluids and solids


When clogging becomes and issue for your spray application, you need a spray nozzle you can rely on.  Lechler's full cone Series 422/423 is designed without inserts and is clog-free. This full cone nozzle is unmatched in the market today and is proven to have 40% more free passage.


  • Cleaning and washing process
  • Cooling of gaseous fluids and solids 
  • Surface spraying
  • Spraying onto mats in air washers
  • Improving chemical reactions
  • Foam control

Engineering Your Spray Solution


Lechler offers a complete line of full cone nozzles in a variety of flow rates, connection sizes and material options.  We have been designing and manufacturing nozzles for over 140 years so you can rely on our spray knowledge and application experience.

We specialize in process consulting for the following:  

  • Packing Washing 
  • Injectors 
  • Scrubbers 
  • Absorbers

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