Your cleaning process may require using higher temperatures for sanitizing and aggressive cleaning solvents for removing difficult soils.  If you’re not using the proper mechanics for cleaning, you may be consuming more water and spending more time as a result.  Consider the Four Main Factors of Cleaning and why the importance of Mechanics can result in significant savings.

Four Main Factors of Cleaning

Effective cleaning involves four main factors: Time, Mechanics, Chemistry and Temperature.  The proportion of the individual factors as a part of the entire cleaning process can be varied, provided that the total is 100%.  We’ll take a look at each of the four factors and how they can affect the cleaning process.

  • Time is the duration of the total cleaning process and this can be reduced or increased depending on the other 3 factors.   
  • Chemistry is the cleaning solvent being used for removing the soil.  Depending on the type of soil, more aggressive cleaning solvents may be required for removing difficult soils from the surface area.  These can be quite costly if the duration of your cleaning cycle is long.
  • Temperature is the measurement of how hot or cold your cleaning cycle is.  Higher temperatures are typically used for sanitizing and these can run up to 160° to 180°.  
  • Mechanics is the method being used to remove the soil, which can be either manual or automated.  This factor can have the greatest impact on reducing cost and time.  If the Mechanical factor takes up a greater portion of the circle, less costly aggressive solvents and high temperatures are required because the cleaning cycle time is shorter.

Let’s explore what Mechanics are most effective for cleaning.

Mechanical cleaning delivers the greatest impact when cleaning the surface area of the tank and rotational tank cleaning devices provide this effect.  Large droplets will strike at high speeds, which enable thick soils to be removed because they cannot be dissolved by the cleaning fluid alone.  

Lechler offers a complete line of rotational tank cleaning devices with a variety of options to choose from.  Our rotational tank cleaning devices can clean tanks ranging in size from 1 ft. up to 60 ft.  Whatever soil you need to remove, we have the solution for you.

Tank Clean Simulation Software

We utilize a tank cleaning simulation software which allows you plan your tank cleaning. To do this, we replicate the tank geometry in the software and then simulate the spraying operation. Operation of all Lechler tank cleaning nozzles can be simulated – from the static spray ball to the high-impact tank cleaning machine. The result of the simulation is documented and provided in a PDF or video file. Simulation with TankClean can already be used as the basis for optimum cleaning in the planning phase of new tanks, but is also suitable for optimizing existing tank cleaning processes. 

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