For over 140 years, Lechler has been providing the steel industry with spray solutions for roll cooling, descaling and casting.  We understand that nozzles and nozzle systems play an important role in the production stages.  Our engineers will support you every step of the way to ensure that your spray process is running optimally. 

Here are just a few of the many products we have to offer for these applications. 

Efficient cooling of the rolls as well as the surrounding roll area is essential for the forming process.  Our roll cooling nozzles provide a uniform homogeneous cooling across the roll width with a uniform, acceptable thermal distribution.  Lechler offers a variety of nozzles and systems designed for your requirements

The quality of the rolled metal surfaces relies heavily on effective descaling. In order to avoid surface damage, iron oxide scale layers must be removed from the hot steel surface by high-pressure water spraying prior to the actual hot rolling process. Lechler offers a wide selection of high performance descaling nozzles.


Different steel grades require individual cooling processes. The main purpose of nozzles in continuous casting is the cooling of the strand surface. This spray water cooling is the only controllable part of the secondary cooling process and is therefore a major factor in determining maximum productivity and optimum quality of continuous casting processes. Lechler offers special nozzles that have been developed for long and flat product casting processes.



Let us help improve your current roll cooling, descaling or casting process.

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