Measurement Technology Center

Measurement technology center

Lechler is devoted to providing efficient, precise spray nozzle solutions for customers in the food & beverage, chemical, steel and power generation industries. To ensure that each nozzle produces the appropriate spray form for the task at hand, we need to be able to document accurate parameters and produce repeatable results with each nozzle.

Customers that use Lechler’s precision nozzles can experience time savings, reduced costs, and confident job planning. Lechler has in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities, allowing our engineers to perform rigorous trials and accurately document each spray nozzle’s features and spray forms.

Lab Facilities

Development and technology are crucial to what we do at Lechler. So, we built a 6,400 sq. ft spraylaboratory and metrological testing facility. The facilities house our test benches and all of the metrological equipment that allows us to offer our customers unique, practice-based knowledge about the spray nozzle solutions provided. Our testing stations include:

  • Spray Laboratory: Using varied pump capacities, we can produce and measure anything from microfine mist to large sprays.
  • Impact Test Bench: Our engineers can use this high-pressure test bench to take measurements capturing the impact force of a spray under realistic conditions. The nozzle angle and angle of rotation can be adjusted and the measurements are precise and repeatable.
  • Phase Doppler Anemometer (PDA): Four intersecting laser beams simultaneously measure the spray’s droplet sizes, velocities, and concentrations without contacting the spray directly, producing reproducible and accurate results. The PDA gives results in real-time without requiring any previous assumptions about droplet size or velocity.
  • Oxford Lasers Visisize: This technology allows our engineers to evaluate droplet size, droplet roundness, velocity, and direction from camera images taken of a small section of the spray against a uniform backlight. This revolutionary technology can simultaneously capture droplet size and velocity with direction, allowing us to analyze each nozzle’s spray results and possible issues.
  • Experimental Cooler: The cooler utilizes 50 different sensors to detect the spray’s droplet size and quantity to determine the evaporation rate under realistic conditions.
  • Hot Water Test Bench: The hot water test bench is perfect for testing cleaning cycles on contaminated containers.
  • Liquid Distribution Test Benches: Lechler has dedicated test benches to measure spray volume and area coverage, which is a valuable tool for optimizing nozzle and nozzle assembly designs. 

Spray Characteristics

Based on the results of the rigorous testing processes that take place in our measurement technology facilities, we are able to accurately describe and classify the specific spray characteristics of our nozzles. Valuable spray characteristics are:

  • Droplets: Spray nozzles do not form uniform droplets, in fact, they atomize into a wide range of individual droplet sizes. For some applications, droplet size can be critical, especially for achieving even spray distributions. We can verify the droplet size and velocity of the spray from one of our nozzles using our PDA and Oxford Lasers Visisize technologies.
  • Spray force: For cleaning applications, spray force on the impact surface is of foundational importance, which is why we measure and report this characteristic for our nozzles.
  • Liquid distribution: Measuring liquid distribution is a valuable tool for optimizing the design of nozzles and nozzle assemblies as a function of different operating parameters such as target distance, operating pressure and nozzle arrangement. Lechler has several state of the art test benches that collect volumes of sprayed liquid to determine the distribution of droplets.
  • Spray angle, pressure, and flow rate: To determine flow rate and spray angle, engineers examine the pressure and viscosity of the liquid that will be sprayed.  


We do not measure these spray characteristics for our knowledge and benefit alone; we measure them so that our customers can know exactly what our nozzles are optimally designed to do.

We provide detailed technical data product sheets for each one of our many nozzles. On this data product sheet, we list the maximum temperature, the recommended operating pressure, the flow rate, and other results from the rigorous testing in our metrological facilities. Without access to our testing facilities and technologies, we would not be able to produce such detailed and accurate specifications for our products.

Industry Examples

Our customers have specific needs. Each client deserves accurate information as they decide which nozzles to utilize. For example, customers who need nozzles for powerplants rely on our precise measurements regarding droplet size, spray angle, and operating pressure to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Steel manufacturers need to be able to distribute water that cools the steel with incredible precision to ensure the steel is the highest quality. Our steel manufacturing customers rely on our nozzles to endure extreme conditions while still performing perfectly.

Our nozzles also influence the tourism industry, providing an ultra-fine water spray that gets turned into ice and for winter sports resorts. Without the ability to create snow, resorts would not be able to provide full snow coverage for skiers and snowboarders; resorts wouldn’t be able to stay open for as many days of the year.

We’ve included a few reviews from our satisfied customers.

Ross Battersby of Carlsen & Associates wrote: "We deal with a lot of vendors selling all kinds of equipment. Lechler is at the top of our favorite vendors, because you do what you say you will do, your order system works and you get back to us right away. We trust you and your products. This translates to our customers trusting us and your products. The repair parts and manual I have to say is exceptional…”

Frank Miloscia, who works as an Aftermarket Parts Coordinator at Komline-Sanderson, stated: “I have never had a bad experience with anyone at Lechler since I started here at Komline in 2010.  Everyone has always been helpful whether at the beginning at quote, middle of project to final delivery.”

Lechler: Engineering Your Spray Solution

At Lechler, we don’t just sell spray nozzles. We offer highly specialized and customized solutions for your spray needs that have been rigorously tested and proven to produce the results you are looking for. Along with our selection of precision nozzles, we also refurbish SELECTOSPRAYⓇ systems and Descale Headers. With over 140 years of experience, we are industry leaders, committed to providing quality, innovative products for our customers all around the world. Contact us today for more information, so that we can work with you to engineer an excellent spray solution.