Lechler logistics center in Metzingen completed

The moment has finally arrived: The building of the new logistics center that Lechler is currently constructing at Paul-Lechler-Strasse in Metzingen/Germany has been completed.

The project team in front of the new building of the Lechler logistics center

The new building is not only a logistics center, it is also a space for the expansion of injection molding production, for assembly and quality management. Additional office space is also available for IT.

Those involved in the project on the part of Lechler and the responsible team of architects recently met for a small ceremony to celebrate this milestone of the project together.

The building was constructed in just 15 months, despite the Corona crisis and the associated restrictions, which of course also apply to the companies commissioned with the construction. With a volume of around 20 million euros, the new building with warehouse and logistics equipment is the largest single investment Lechler has made in Metzingen to date. The building with 65,000 cubic meters of enclosed space cannot be missed.

In a short speech, Managing Director Thomas Winkler thanked all the companies involved in the construction as well as Project Manager Maxim Weinmann and all the other Lechler employees who were part of the project team. Winkler mentioned that initial preliminary considerations for the new logistics center took place back in 2014. In 2018, it went into detailed planning and 2019 was ultimately the start of the project. He emphasized that the project is not only on schedule and on budget, but also fully meets all expectations and requirements on behalf of Lechler.

Johannes Weippert, managing partner of the architecture firm Hank + Hirth, lauded the good cooperation between Lechler and the companies commissioned with the construction, which meant that there were no significant delays. A special highlight, he said, is the facade of the office building, which has a different effect on the viewer depending on the sunlight. It is the first of its kind to be installed in southern Germany.

Guido Kunzmann, Chairman of the Lechler Management Board, concluded by thanking Thomas Winkler and the entire project team for bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

The first departments have already moved into their new, very attractive offices. The rooms, designed by an interior architect, represent the new "Lechler working worlds". The modern wall design, in harmony with floor coverings and lighting concept, as well as the ergonomic furniture are a reflection of this.

In the weeks to come, the warehouse technology inside the building will be completed. Installation of the modern high rack warehouse with automated goods transport system has already begun. In December, the first nozzles will be moved from the old to the new logistics center. Full use of the logistics center is then scheduled to start at the beginning of 2022.

With the new logistics center, Lechler is well prepared for the future. Due to the growth of the international Lechler Group, this step was also without alternative. As a central logistics hub with direct shipping to the customers of the Lechler sales companies throughout Europe, the logistics center will play a decisive role in the supply chain.

The fact that it is being built in Metzingen is proof that the Metzingen site will remain attractive for Lechler in the future. Even if, according to Kunzmann, the next investment on this scale will probably take some time to come.