Spray Solutions For All Your Food Processing Needs

Food manufacturers are required to provide sustainable and quality products to consumers while minimizing costs and abiding by strict safety regulations. In order to help you with these challenges you need a reliable partner that can provide solutions to help your operation run more efficient. Lechler can help by providing engineered spray solutions for all of your food processing applications.  Our solutions can be segmented into four categories and within these categories the type of spray application is listed.


Disinfection and Hygiene

- Hand disinfection
- Work equipment disinfection
- Sole and boot cleaning

Disinfection and hygiene

Product Preparation

- Cleaning of fruit and vegetables
- Bottle and barrel cleaning
- Tank cleaning
- Crate washers

Product preparation

Product Processing

- Cleaning containers
- Sausage cooling
- Can cleaning
- Seasoning and spice coating
- Belt cooling


Filling and Packing

- Sterilization
- Filler cleaning
- Belt lubrication
- Pasteurization
- Blowing or Drying

Filling and packing