Sprühbild MasterNOx®-Düse


Special twin-fluid nozzles for SNCR applications.

The Lechler MasterNOx nozzles are usually used in the non-catalytic denitrification of flue gases (SNCR process). They are usually designed as flat fan nozzles and achieve a high spraying range to make the liquid penetrate as far as possible into the boiler.

Technical data (pdf, 132 KB)


Spray angle
Spray angle 15°, 30°, 60°
Turn-down ratio
Turn-down ratio of over 50:1
Typical pressure range
Typical pressure range Liquid 14.5-145 psi, g; Atomizing air 14.5-87 psi, g
Adjustment of the droplet spectrum
Adjustment of the droplet spectrum by changing the air/water ratio

The nozzle specially developed for the retrofitting of existing power plants is characterized by a small outer diameter, so that it can fit between the pipes of the boiler wall. It can also have a protective flow of barrier air around it without the need for the pipes to be bent aside.


  • Injection of ammonia water for DeNOx processes (SNCR)

Application areas

SNCR process

Denitrification DeNox SNCR


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