Hydraulic nozzles for secondary cooling in continuous casting processes

Hydraulic nozzles for every continuous casting process.

Nozzle overview

Flachstrahldüsenmundstücke mit Schwalbenschwanz (klein), Baureihe 660

Flat fan nozzles tips with dove-tail (small), series 660

  • Alignment with dove-tail
  • Mounting with 3/8" lock nut
  • Spray angle: 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°
  • Volume rate at 2 bar: 1.00 l/min to 16.00 l/min (depends on spray angle)
  • Liquid distribution: parabolic (rectangular on request)
Technical data (pdf, 162.76 KB)
Flachstrahldüsen mit Zweikant-Ausrichtung, Baureihe 6M2

Flat fan nozzles with double-flat alignment, series 6M2

  • Assembly with retaining nut
  • Spray angle: 60°, 90°, 120°
  • Volume rate at 2 bar: 1.00 l/min to 16.00 l/min
  • Liquid distribution: parabolic
Technical data (pdf, 125.92 KB)
Flachstrahldüsenmundstücke mit Schwalbenschwanz (groß), Baureihe 664/665

Flat fan nozzles tips with dove-tail (large), series 664/665

  • Alignment with dove-tail
  • Mounting with 3/4" lock nut
  • Spray angle: 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°
  • Volume rate at 2 bar: 6.30 l/min to 63.00 l/min
  • Liquid distribution: parabolic (rectangular on request)
Technical data (pdf, 141.73 KB)
Flachstrahldüsen mit größerer Strahltiefe und Ausrichtung über Schwalbenschwanz, Baureihe 600.280

Flat fan nozzles with increased spray depth and dove-tail alignment , series 600.280

  • Assembly with 3/4'' retaining nut
  • Self aligning jet with dove-tail design with 0° offset angle secures correct spray position
  • Typically with trapezoid liquid distribution
  • Available in 14 mm short and in 28 mm long version
Technical data (pdf, 120.35 KB)
Flachstrahldüsenmundstücke mit Schwalbenschwanz und größerer Strahltiefe, Baureihe 600.366

Flat fan nozzles tips with dove-tail and increased spray depth, series 600.366

  • Alignment with dove-tail
  • Mounting with 3/4" lock nut
  • Spray angle: Width: 70°, 90°, 105°   Depth: 20°, 30° and 35°
  • Volume rate at 15 bar: 4.40 l/min to 80.00 l/min
  • Liquid distribution: parabolic or rectangular (even)
Technical data (pdf, 113.84 KB)
Vollkegeldüsen, Baureihe 490

Full cone nozzles, series 490

  • Non-clogging nozzle design
  • Spray angle: 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°
  • Volume rate at 2 bar: 1.00 l/min to 20.00 l/min (depends on spray angle)
  • Foot print: circular


Technical data (pdf, 146.85 KB)
Vollkegeldüsen mit Innengewinde, Baureihe 486

Full cone nozzles with female thread , series 486

  • Not aligned
  • Thread: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/8 BSPP
  • Spray angle: 45°, 50°, 65°, 80°, 90°
  • Volume rate at 2 bar: 2.10 l/min to 14.00 l/min (depends on spray angle)
  • Foot print: circular
Technical data (pdf, 114.88 KB)
Vollkegeldüsen oval, Baureihe 400.291

Oval full cone nozzles , series 400.291

  • Oval full cone spray pattern 90° x 60°
  • Volume rate at 5 bar: 3.10 l/min to 24.60 l/min
Technical data (pdf, 66.48 KB)

The casting manufacturing process for metals requires precise secondary cooling methods to ensure the quality of molded product and to prevent product defects and scrap waste. This cooling allows for manufacturers to control the grade quality of the metal, such as low carbon steel to high carbon steel, which is required to fulfill customer orders. Here at Lechler, we offer hydraulic nozzles - secondary cooling processes that help provide optimal cooling performance, superior heat transfer capabilities, and higher manufacturing productivity.

Cooling Performance Optimization of Hydraulic Nozzles

Metal that is cast undergoes a process where impurities rise to the surface. The metal strand also undergoes changes that allow for the materials to strengthen, become more ductile, or to increase thermal conductivity or electrical conductivity based on the type of metal that is cast.

To carefully control this process while ensuring a high rate of productivity based on low volume or high volume casting requirements, hydraulic nozzles are used for the cooling process. These hydraulic nozzles extract the heat in a controlled method from the metal strand at specific times during the production line. This heat extraction ensures that the metal cools at a uniform and even rate. With hydraulic nozzles, the quality of the metal strands can be maintained while lowering the amount of defects and slag.

Comparison of Hydraulic Nozzles with Other Cooling Methods

Manufacturers tailor their operations based on customer demand and the type of metal that is produced in their assembly lines. The appropriate cooling methods are dictated by varying casting parameters, the type of equipment used, and the setup of this casting equipment. Some typical cooling methods for the casting process are air cooling and water cooling.

While air cooling can reduce thermal shock to the castings, casting cooling time is greatly increased and the metals undergo a large temperature gradient when moving through the cooling tunnel. With hydraulic nozzles providing water cooling methods, manufacturers gain greater control of where cooling occurs along the strand surface. They increase the rate of cooling based on flow rates, operating pressures, and water distribution.

Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics in Continuous Casting

The cooling and solidification of the cast metal is defined by how heat is transferred from the metal strand. For continuous casting, the casting is not cooled entirely while the metal is within the mold. Instead, it goes through a partial solidification process along rollers that are cooled using hydraulic nozzles until reaching the end of the line where the metal becomes cut into the desired length.

Lechler hydraulic nozzles allow for operators to understand the maximum casting speed based on this cooling solution. Customized oval cone and full cone nozzles optimizes casting processes while providing versatility based on varying casting equipment setups. The nozzle arrangement and other factors are engineered to process parameters.

For more information regarding hydraulic nozzles - secondary cooling casting methods, contact us today.


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