Surface technology nozzles

Nozzle systems with omnidirectional swiveling range. Quick and easy assembly.

Nozzle series

Series 652.XXX


Very low flow rates. Parabolic liquid distribution.

Applications: Belt lubrication, moistening, spraying of food products, moisturization of rollers, oiling, lubrication of metal sheets.

Technical Data (pdf, 262.10 KB)
Series 564

Series 564

Efficient flat fan spray for quick removal without complete nozzle replacement. Reduced clogging due to larger free passage. Reduced pumping costs due to low pressure liquid flow.

Applications: Foam control in aeration tanks

Technical data (pdf, 51.19 KB)
Series 646

Series 646

Quick and easy assembly with bayonet quick release cap. Adjustable spray directions. Uniform liquid distribution.

Applications: Bet cleaning, surface treatment, cleaning, coating processes.

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MEMOSPRAY® nozzle system

MEMOSPRAY nozzle system

The adjusted spray direction is maintained by the "memory effect". Very easy handling without the need for special tools.

Technical data (pdf, 686.41 KB)
Series 676 Easy-Clip nozzle system

Series 676 Easy-Clip nozzle system

Ball joint, Omni-directional swiveling range of 30°.  Easy assembly for quick and easy header construction

Applications: Degreasing, phosphating in surface treatment.

Technical data (pdf, 169.84 KB)


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