Rotating cleaning nozzle "PTFE Hi Temp Whirly"

While PTFE can withstand high temperatures, its dimensional stability limits its range as a tank cleaning device. Lechler’s design incorporates Hastelloy rings to control the expansion of the material so it can continue to operate reliably in hotter environments than normally possible. The nozzle‘s temperature range is actually extended, since it can perform equally well under normal conditions.

Technical data (pdf, 210 KB)


Max. tank diameter
Max. tank diameter 8 ft
Material PTFE (Teflon)
Max. temperature
Max. temperature 274 °F
Filtration Line strainer with a mesh size of 0.3 mm/50 mesh
Recommended operating pressure
Recommended operating pressure 15-40 psi
Installation Operation in every direction is possible
Bearing Slide bearing made of PTFE