Rotating cleaning nozzle "Whirly"

Popular and proven: the design of the "Whirly". It generates effective flat jets, offers various connection options and is available in a very wide range of flow rates. It is also available in an ATEX-approved version and in a range of versions with different spray angles.

Technical data (pdf, 258 KB)


Max. tank diameter
Max. tank diameter0.82 – 9 ft
MaterialStainless steel 316L SS
EHEDG-version: O-ring made of EPDM
Max. temperature
Max. temperature212 °F short-term up to 284 °F
FiltrationLine strainer with a mesh size of 0.3 mm/50 mesh
Recommended operating pressure
Recommended operating pressure45 psi
InstallationOperation in every direction is possible
BearingSlide bearing made of PEEK

Operating mode

Our video demonstrates the operating mode of the rotating cleaning nozzle "Whirly" Series 569