65% savings in air consumption in quench tower of French steel mill enabled by Lechler nozzle system

Industry: Steel
Country: France
Application: Gas cooling in quench tower

Lechler was contracted by a French steel mill to optimize the gas cooling process in the quenching tower. The customer intended to improve the cooling efficiency and to reduce the energy consumption without compromising the integrity of their operations.


  • Optimization of the general gas cooling process in the quenching tower
  • Improvement of the cooling efficiency
  • Reduction of energy consumption


  • Existing inefficiency of the current nozzle technology
  • Associated high energy costs


  • Measurement of data on existing nozzle lances in Lechler's laboratory as no precise data was available
  • Based on the measurement results, Lechler proposed a customized solution with VarioJet nozzle lances
  • Nozzle lances have been developed to meet the customer's specific requirements, including media connections, dust protection and special flanges that ensure a seamless integration into the existing system
  • VarioJet nozzles represent the most advanced nozzle technology and enable significant savings in air consumption


  • Achievement of significant savings in consumption of compressed air and energy
  • Achieved savings with VarioJet nozzle lances have a huge impact on the customer’s sustainability and financial targets

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