Industry owners know the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitized tank. Unwanted chemicals or bacteria can destroy the next production batch, resulting in lost revenue, production time and materials. To some this may seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be. With the right rotational spray device you can efficiently clean your tank saving you time and money.  Learn more about Lechler's rotational spray solutions.

If your goal is to efficiently clean your tank in less time then Rotational spray devices solutions are the best option and here is why: 


Impact is crucial to efficiently cleaning the entire surface of a tank. The figures below show how Static spray balls are cost effective but tend to miss important areas of the tank   Rotating water heads produce a flat fan spray which creates larger water droplets that strike larger areas of the tank wall at higher speeds. This ensures that the speed remains in the optimum range even at higher pressures. The droplets produced are larger and strike the tank wall at higher speeds. These rotating cleaning nozzles achieve an even higher impact, which is especially important for large tanks.

It depends on what size tank you have and what type of soil you are trying to clean. Lechler offers various high impact tank cleaning nozzles for different tank sizes 



XactClean HP

- Robust Design
- Powerful Flat Jet Spray for High Impact Cleaning
- Available in Various Spray Angles and Flow Rates

Series 5S5"XactClean HP+"

XactClean HP Plus

- Engineered flat fans produce high impact uniform spray
- Available in high flow rates for effective cleaning

Series 5S5"XactClean HP+"


- Gear Controlled
- Hygienic Design
- Small Size
- High Impact

Series 5TA

TankClean simulation software starts by adapting to the geometries of the tank and any built in equipment such as agitators or mixing blades.  The proper nozzle is selected and the realistic simulation of the cleaning process starts.  Areas that could potentially cause cleaning problems are identified.  In this case other nozzles are considered and in some cases more than one nozzle.  The results of the simulation are documented along with other planning aids.

Our simulation software is the perfect tool for selecting the right nozzle with exact placement inside your tank.   Simulation trials are more practical, while real trial cleaning tests require more time and cost.  Lechler offers a full line of tank cleaning spray devices to fit your application requirements.  By selecting the right tank cleaning device, less water and solvents are consumed and you can be assured that your tank is ready for the next production batch.

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