whisperblast air nozzle

Compressed air is essential for any industry that has a need for cooling, drying or cleaning. However, like most important elements within your operation there is a cost associated with it. Inefficient compressed air can affect your operation by increasing energy costs and creating high noise emissions.  For this reason, Lechler has designed the Whipserblast air nozzle. The unique design of our Whisperblast nozzle can reduce air consumption by up to 45%, making a safer work environment for your employees. 

Whisperblast Air Nozzle Products

Lechler offers a complete line of multi-channel air nozzles suitable for all types of applications. Our nozzles are preferred over conventional air nozzles because of their low noise levels meeting OSHA requirements. You can find our multi-channel air nozzles being used in multiple industries, including food and beverage, where FDA compliant materials are required. Our engineers can also custom design and fabricate air nozzle headers if more than one nozzle is required in the given process.

If you’re targeting a specific area for cooling, cleaning, blowing, sorting or drying, our engineering experts are here to assist with your application.