The nozzles must be positioned in the upper part of the tank where possible. The following recommendation applies:

You will also need to make sure enough cleaning fluid strikes the tank top. Nozzles are generally placed at the center of the tank if there are no baffles or agitators located inside. Tanks with baffles and agitators may require more than one nozzle because nozzles work under a "line of sight" principle and spray shadowing can occur. 

There are several factors to consider when selecting and positioning a tank cleaning nozzle for your application, however, Lechler's Tank Clean Simulation Software can make your job easier.

Perfect reliable planning – TankClean simulation software

Planning for a perfectly clean tank can be a challenge. Many tanks have built-in equipment such as agitators or baffles which can create spray shadows. Whether a certain nozzle is able to reliably clean all surfaces of the tank under these conditions cannot be decided with certainty on the basis of just a visual inspection.

TankClean Software

With our new and unique TankClean software, we can help you to find the optimum solution for perfectly cleaning your tank. To do this, we replicate the tank geometry in the software and then simulate the spraying operation. Operation of all Lechler tank cleaning nozzles can be simulated – from the static spray ball to the high-impact tank cleaning machine. The result of the simulation is documented and provided in a PDF or video file. Simulation with TankClean can already be used as the basis for optimum cleaning in the planning phase of new tanks, but is also suitable for optimizing existing tank cleaning processes.

Below is a video simulation showing how it may look in operation and you can get an idea of the time involved to properly cover all parts of the tank.  This simulation demonstrates our XactClean HP controlled rotation nozzle.

Our unique service – your individual benefit

Planning certainty
Planning certaintyWe assist you in planning your tank cleaning solution to ensure every portion of your tank is clean.
Process reliability
Process reliabilityThanks to realistic and individually customized process simulation, we can offer you individual solution concepts.
Process optimization
Process optimizationBy simulating the existing cleaning processes, we show you the optimization potentials for these processes.
Cost and time savings
Cost and time savingsSimulation makes it possible to detect any potential problem areas before final definition of the cleaning concept. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of time- and cost-intensive practical cleaning tests.

TankClean Software user interface – clear and intuitive

TankClean Software Benutzeroberfläche

Step 1

Individual adaption of tank geometries and built-in equipment.

TankClean Software Benutzeroberfläche

Step 2

Selection of the right tank cleaning nozzles.

TankClean Software Benutzeroberfläche

Step 3

Realistic simulation of the cleaning process.

TankClean Software Benutzeroberfläche

Step 4

Documentation of the simulation results, including additional planning aids.

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