Lechler offers various services for industrial, environmental and metallurgical technology, which optimize your applications and make them more efficient. Whether measurements, simulations or software – Lechler Services represents individual advice and cost-effectiveness.

Lechler Services

We pay particular attention to designing and selecting the optimum nozzle for every application. This is supported not only by more than 140 years of knowledge in nozzle development, but also by the combination of our development, simulation and measurement technology department.

Years of experience in fluid dynamics and concentration in measurement technology with spray laboratories for practical tests enable you to take advantage of our services.

As a customer, you are the focus here: We simulate nozzle applications and processes individually for your environment and your requirements so that everything runs optimally in real situations.

Lechler Services at a Glance


Lechler Refurbishment Services are provided for SelectoSpray® Systems and Descaling Headers


Testing and research

Our nozzle wear testing program provides results on nozzle performance characteristics such as flow, pressure and spray angle. 

Testing and research

Technical seminars and plant audits

Learn more about how we can bring our spray technology knowledge to your organization. 

Technical seminars & plant audits

Simulations using CFD

The intelligent way to optimally use nozzles: Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Simulationen mittels CFD