Spray characteristics

Tailor-made sprays for specific applications

There are many good reasons why our products are successful. One thing is very important: We know what we are doing before we do it. Lechler has a multitude of possibilities to comprehensively describe sprays tailored to the specific application.

Lechler measuring technology spray characterizing

In order to select and optimize the spray characteristics that are exactly right for your application, a reliable statement regarding the following parameters is of essential importance. The data collected in our laboratories are the basis for every development which Lechler performs.

Parameters for determining the optimal spray characteristic

Lechler spray characterizing - droplets


To measure sizes of droplets and velocity spectra, we use a Phase Doppler Anemometer (PDA) also an imaging method based on the Shadow sizing Principle.

Using these state-of-the-art optical methods, the speeds and diameters of the spray-forming droplets are measured simultaneously and without coming in contact with them. The data obtained with this method form the basis for the nozzle technology design of systems and are a valuable basis for nozzle development.

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Lechler spray characterizing - spray force

Spray force

The measurement of the distribution of the spray force on the impact surface, these so-called impacts, provide information of elementary importance.

Of more specific importance is the knowledge of the impact for the design of descaling nozzles and systems or for the optimization of nozzles for all kinds of cleaning operations.

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Lechler spray characterizing - liquid distribution

Liquid distribution

By assessing the local volume distribution, it is possible to make an optimal arrangement of several nozzles together. The even distribution of the sprayed liquid is of extreme importance in many spraying operations. We have developed special procedures that provide fast and repeatable test results using electronic image processing.

The results are documented and available to our customers for planning and construction work. This ensures in advance that Lechler nozzles precisely meet the required performance requirements in this regard in practice.

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Lechler spray characterizing - spray angle, pressure and volume flow

Spray angle, pressure and flow rate

Flow rate and spray angle are determined from the pressure and the viscosity of the medium to be sprayed. The measurement of pressure and flow rate takes place with utmost precision while using measuring instruments of the highest quality.

The spray angle is determined optically immediately after the nozzle exit. As the spray distance increases, the details of the spray width or the spray diameter are more suitable depending on the spray distance. Depending on the pressure, friction losses and among other things, influence the spray path and the size of the applied surface.

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Lechler laboratory and facilities

Laboratory and facilities

Lechler benefits from having a state of the art laboratory and measuring equipment in-house.

Our Development and Technology Center offers everything that nozzle developers dream of.

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