Fluid dynamics process simulations

Contact-free evaporation.

The project: Optimization of evaporative coolers.

Ganzheitliche Optimierung von Verdunstungskühlern

The task

Due to increasing environmental requirements and changed loads evaporative coolers are often operated far from the original design. This often results in inefficient operation, wet floors and walls and / or massive caking that can affect the overall structural analysis. With flow simulation of the complete process, optimization potential can be discovered and the right measure initiated. All the physical effects are simulated, these include, the inflow of the hot flue gas, the injection of the spray, the evaporative cooling, and the outflow of the cold, moist flue gas. The main results obtained are the pressure loss of the entire cooler as well as the trajectories of the spray. Only when the spray evaporates, without wall contact, before the next deflection on a trajectory parallel to the tower axis, is a safe and efficient operation possible. Generally, the inflow of the hot flue gas must be rectified by fittings such as guide and perforated plates immediately before the injection. In addition, the verification and, if necessary, the adjustment of the spray system from the control path to the nozzle tip is mandatory. Lechler is the right contact for the optimization of such evaporative coolers.

The result

  • Operational safety as a result of permanently dry walls and floors
  • Operational safety as a result of stable flow conditions at all operating points
  • Reduced energy consumption for the induced draft fan as a result of reduced pressure losses
  • Cost reduction as a result of more efficient use of consumables such as compressed air or high-pressure water
  • Short amortization period (usually two years or less)