Vital products that produce clean air

When the wet flue-gas desulphurization process was introduced, Lechler performed pioneering work as partners to plant manufacturers. This resulted in nozzles made of very hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant silicon carbide to meet extreme process engineering requirements.

Lechler Umwelttechnik

So much knowledge about the creation and generation of droplets of course makes a better contribution to their separation. For this reason, the Mist eliminator product line was included in the product range. As a result, Lechler met the desire of many customers for complete supply from a single source.

In the meantime, the Air Quality Control Systems product division at Lechler comprises nozzle product groups for flue-gas desulphurization, nozzle lances and Mist eliminators .

With VarioCool, Lechler is capable of supplying complete gas conditioning systems including nozzle lances, pumps, regulation units and electronic control units.

Lechler Air Quality Control Systems


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