For many of us, hygiene has become an important topic of discussion these days.  In order for hygiene to be effective, you need to make sure that your disinfectants are properly applied to the surfaces being sprayed.  For this reason, our engineers have developed several types of nozzles to handle each specific application requirement.  Whether your product is being used for disinfecting hands, fitness equipment or the inside of a commercial airline, your finished product needs a reliable nozzle.  Lechler offers a complete line of nozzles for disinfection and our engineers are here to assist you with your application requirements.

Hollow Cone Nozzles


Atomizing nozzles produce very fine droplets, which increase the reactive surface.  This is important because a large reactive surface ensures the disinfectant will cover the targeted area.  This reduces waste and can save on the amount of media being sprayed to the applied area.

Hollow cone nozzles are designed to produce very fine droplets for large surface areas.  A swirl insert inside the nozzle creates a conical spray with a hollow center resulting in ring shape.  This configuration is generally limited to small capacities but generates some of the finest droplet size profiles of any single fluid nozzle.


Series 214/216

  • Uniform spray distribution with removable spray insert for cleaning
  • Low flow rates (.02-2.6gpm @40psi)

Flat Fan Nozzles


If your process requires even coverage on a moving conveyor belt flat fan nozzles are the perfect solution. These nozzles create a wide even spray allowing for even distribution across a large moving surface. 


Series 632 

  • Stable spray angle
  • Uniform spray distribution
  • Low flow rates (.10 - 7.8 gpm @ 40 psi)

Series 664

  • Automatic jet alignment
  • Stable spray angle
  • Low flow rate (2.0-7.8gpm @40psi)


Series 686

  • Deflector produces wide spray angle with even distribution
  • Clog resistant 
  • Low flow rate (.20-8.7gpm @40psi)


Dual Fluid Nozzles

When very fine droplets are required, dual fluid nozzles work best.  Compressed air is combined with the disinfectant being sprayed and this combination breaks the liquid into even finer droplets.  This result could not be achieved by liquid alone.  In addition to surface disinfection, dual fluid nozzles can also be used for spraying entire rooms.

Series 136.4 AirMist

  • Wide flat fan spray using air or gas.
  • Liquid supply comes from a pressurized source.
  • Low flow rates (.026 - 20.10 gpm @ 30 psi)

Series 136.5 AirMist

  • Wide flat fan spray atomization using air or gas. 
  • Liquid supply is located above the nozzle or the siphon principle can be used
  • Low flow rates ( .21 - .85gpm @ 30psi)

Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Our tank nozzles are engineered to work in a variety of tank cleaning applications. For aseptic cleaning, Lechler has specially designed the Hygienic Whirly for spraying foam and it's flat jet spray allows for powerful cleaning. The 5TB Static Spray Ball is a robust nozzle that is cost effective and designed to work in high temperature environments. Both of these nozzles are 3-A® certified making the suitable for hygienic applications. 

Series 527

  • Static spray ball
  • 3-A® compliant and can withstand high temperatures
  • Designed for tanks up to 27ft in diameter


594/595 Series

  • Free spinning nozzle
  • 3-A® Compliant and designed for spraying foam
  • Designed for tanks up to  9ft in diameter



Engineering your spray solution

No matter what your sanitation challenges are, you can rely on Lechler’s engineering experts to assist you from start to finish.  We have been providing spray solutions for over 140 years to a variety of industries.  Our standard product portfolio has a wide range of nozzles to choose from and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can customize a spray solution for you.  Contact us today and let us partner together in finding the optimal spray solution for your specific application.