Series 5P5 “PopUp Clean” Nozzles: Eliminating Spray Shadows

Industries around the globe rely on excellent cleaning equipment to sanitize tanks. Dedicated to producing quality products, businesses require cleaning equipment that consistently executes well. Concerned for the welfare of their employees, businesses utilize equipment that eliminates the need for employees to manually clean tanks, removing both safety and cost concerns.

One particularly costly area of tank cleaning involves spray shadows, areas within a tank that are improperly cleaned. Without the right equipment, manual labor is required to remove soil in those areas. In the content below, we discuss how your company can guarantee a trouble-free, verifiable clean while eliminating extraneous safety concerns and costs. First, we’ll briefly explore the issue of spray shadows. Then, we’ll discuss the 5P5 “PopUp Clean” nozzle, an FDA-compliant tool for cutting-edge equipment sanitation.

Tank Cleaning Difficulties: Spray Shadows

During the tank cleaning process, difficulties can arise. Among these, spray shadows are one of the most challenging. Without the right equipment, cleaning obstructions, such as agitators, mixing blades, baffles, and coils, is problematic and must be done manually.

Series 5P5 “PopUp Clean” Nozzle 

Made of stainless steel, the series 5P5 “PopUp Clean” was designed to eliminate spray shadow areas, removing the need for manual cleaning. Once installed, it is fully operational in every possible direction. Below, we discuss the logistics of the 5P5 PopUp Clean, along with its best applications:

5P5 Logistics

  • Max. temperature: just over 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Recommended psi: 30-75
  • Filtration: line strainer with a 0.3mm mesh size

Nozzles are grouped into 5 efficiency classes, categorized by the intensity of the soil requiring removal. For example, Cleaning Efficiency Class 1 is proficient in rinsing and removing very light soiling. The 5P5 PopUp Clean falls into Cleaning Efficiency Class 2. Class 2 nozzles are primarily utilized for rinsing and eliminating light to medium soils.

Primary Application: Eliminating Spray Shadows

The PopUp Clean is specially designed to eradicate spray shadows, ideal for cleaning agitator blades, along with other difficult-to-reach surfaces in the body of a tank. Typically, these objects or surfaces would be cleaned manually. As mentioned, this is both dangerous and costly. Manual cleaning is costly because it is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Eliminating manual cleaning dramatically reduces time spent in the tank cleaning process. More importantly, manual cleaning is dangerous; from injury from a fall to inhaling harmful vapors, utilizing manpower to sanitize industrial equipment invites unnecessary risk. The PopUp Clean entirely eradicates these concerns.

Another significant benefit of the PopUp nozzle is that it is installed flush with the tank wall, remaining hidden during the production cycle. Thus, the nozzle cannot be contaminated during production. During the cleaning cycle, however, it protrudes into the body of the tank so that it can clean efficiently difficult areas. Finally, as an FDA-compliant nozzle, the PopUp Clean is primarily useful in the food and beverage industry.

Your Best Nozzle Resource: Lechler

After examining the 5P5 PopUp Clean’s logistical and applicable aspects, you can determine if it is the right system for your application. Carefully selecting the right nozzle saves both money and resources, making your cleaning equipment decision important. If you’re still unsure which nozzle best fits your specific industry, the size of your tanks, or the intensity of your grime, you are not on your own. At Lechler, we are happy to assist you in formulating a tank cleaning strategy that ensures a flawless process. With years of practical industry knowledge, we will lead you toward the very best equipment for your application. Contact us today to begin a conversation!