Spray Nozzles for Petrochemical Industries

Whether you require precision or broad coverage – spray solutions from Lechler perfectly support your processes at any point. Our knowledge of processes makes Lechler more than just a nozzle manufacturer. In fact, we can help to optimize the efficiency of a large number of your processes. E. g. in the petrochemical industry from the well to the refinery.



– Fire suppression

– Dust control

– Truck cleaning

– Upgrader froth control

– Evaporations ponds

– Waste water control

– Heat exchanger cooling



– Corrosion inhibitor injection

– Bearing grease sprays

– Fire suppression

– Additive injection

– Storage tank cooling

– Hydrogen scavenger control

– Biocide injection

– Glycol injection

– Tank cleaning

– Methanol injection

– Rail car washing



– FCC injectors

– Distillation sprays

– Defoaming

– Hydrotreater water wash

– Packed tower cleaning

– Coker off gas coolling

– Desuperheating

– Water wash sprays

– Condenser spray cooling

– Amine scrubber

– Air pollution control


Spray Nozzles for Petrochemical Industries

Whether you require precision or broad coverage – spray solutions from Lechler perfectly support your petrochemical and refinery processes at any point. Our knowledge of petrochemical and refinery operations makes Lechler more than just a nozzle manufacturer. In fact, we can help to optimize the efficiency of upstream, downstream, and midstream applications -- from cooling equipment, applying coatings, and controlling emissions -- by offering our spray nozzles for petrochemical industries.

Companies throughout the petrochemical industry use spray nozzles to make processes more efficient and as a way to increase safety. Corrosive chemicals and toxic gasses are moving at high flow rates throughout refinery operations. With spray nozzles in place, they can minimize corrosion within pipelines and suppress dangerous gasses in case of leakage.

Safety Benefits of Spray Systems

Many processes are closed systems due to the dangerous nature of the petrochemicals that run through lines. Petrochemical operations, whether they are storing oil and gas in tanks, using offshore drilling operations to mine them from the ground, or moving the gas and oil through refinery processes, must keep equipment and workers safe from the toxic and flammable nature of these resources.

Having spray systems in precise locations where there is an increased risk of leakage or fire can offer mitigation solutions. Spray nozzles can be used for open system fire suppression. They can create a water wall to stop the fire from spreading, water deluge and mist to put out fires, and offer other fire suppression tasks.

Spray nozzles also prevent leaking toxic gas from harming workers and the environment. The nozzles emit a fine mist that traps and absorbs the gas from the air. It disperses it so the leak can be repaired. The spray nozzles are designed and angled to ensure the flow rate can provide protection and even coverage while conserving water to eliminate waste.

Efficiency Benefits of Spray Systems

Precise spray systems can be used to apply additives, remove pollutants, and cool gasses throughout petrochemical operations. These systems help increase efficiency by speeding up manual tasks as well as improving closed system operations. Here are some areas of operations where spray nozzles can improve workflow.

In gas cooling operations, the nozzles can cool combustion exhaust gasses, cool gasses before scrubbing, and perform catalyst gas cooling.

For tank cleanings, the nozzles can remove harsh chemicals and soils from rail cars, process vessels, storage tanks, and reactors.

Liquid atomization procedures are used throughout petrochemical processes, from vacuum distillation to waste management.

Chemical injection applications rely on spray nozzles to add inhibitors, reactants, scavengers and other chemicals throughout the refinery production line.

To refine crude oil into its component fractions, spray nozzles systems will be set up to perform wash water applications.

With Lechler spray nozzles for petrochemical industries, companies gain greater control of their liquid flow rates and droplet sizes for low pressure and high pressure applications. Learn more by contacting our company today.