Car Wash Spray Nozzles

For this task it is essential that the nozzles are positioned in the right places. Lechler offers a wide range of different flat fan nozzles, including high-pressure nozzles and tongue type nozzles. By choosing the right spray nozzles for car wash, the cleaning result and water consumption can be well adjusted to each other.

Car Wash Nozzles
Nozzles for the pre-wash

Nozzles for the pre-wash

  • The purpose of the pre-wash is to soften the soil.
  • Flat fan nozzles or tongue-type nozzles with a wide spray angle and a low flow rate are preferred.
Nozzles for sill and wheel washing

Nozzles for sill and wheel washing

  • For removing persistent soil at the lower half of the vehicle, a high impact nozzle is critical.
  • We recommend using high-pressure nozzles with a narrow spray angle
Nozzles for the main wash

Nozzles for the main wash

  • For this task high-impact flat fan nozzles or tongue-type nozzles are required.
  • The spray angle should be 30 to 45 degrees.
  • Due to their sharp jet, tongue-type nozzles are ideally suited for the low pressure.
  • High-pressure flat fan nozzles differ from low-pressure nozzles by virtue of their hardened nozzle mouthpiece, which gives these nozzles a longer service life.
Nozzles for rinsing

Nozzles for rinsing

  • Rinsing as the last stage before drying requires small droplets that run off the vehicle quickly.
  • Application of flat fan nozzles with a very low flow rate in most cases.
  • Nozzles are easy to align in conjunction with a bayonet cap and a ball joint.
Nozzles for applying wax

Nozzles for applying wax

  • To apply wax as evenly as possible, a defined nozzle arrangement is required.
  • Recommendation: Series 652 nozzles in conjunction with a retaining nut and eyelet clamp.
  • Manifolds fitted with this series distribute the water very evenly.

Highlighted Products

Flat Fan Series 686

Nozzles for the pre-wash

Series 686

Wide flat fan with a sharply delimited jet pattern. Particularly clog-proof.

Applications: Foam control in storage tanks, crate washers, cleaning and washing processes requiring powerful and concentrated water jets.

Technical data (pdf, 76.36 KB)
Flat Fan Series 688/689

Nozzles for the main wash

Series 688/689

Hard, sharp flat fan, narrowly delimited jet pattern. Not prone to clogging.

Applications: Cleaning, washing, degreasing and phosphating, preparation techniques.

Technical data (pdf, 59.97 KB)
High pressure flat fan series 602/608/652

Nozzles for the main wash an for sill and wheel washing

High pressure series 602/608/652

Sharp uniform flat fan with an extremely narrow jet depth.

Applications: High pressure cleaners, steam jet cleaners

Technical data (pdf, 61.41 KB)
Flat Fan Series 652

Nozzles for applying wax

Series 652

Assembly with retaining nut. Easy nozzle changing, simple jet alignment. Uniform, parabolic distribution of liquid. Spray pipes equipped with these nozzles show an extremely uniform total liquid distribution.

 Applications: Spray cleaning, surface treatment, filter cleaning, belt cleaning, lubricating, coating.

Technical data (pdf, 114.45 KB)
Series 650

Cost effective nozzles

Series 650

Standard threaded axial flat fan nozzle with stable spray angles and a wide range of pressures. Please note there is a minimum quantity of 250 nozzles when placing orders.

Technical data (pdf, 179.90 KB)

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