Waste Water Treatment Spray Nozzles

Special designs for harsh environments

Removal of solid waste and foam accumulation are still problems that exist in the wastewater industry. Standard products do not always perform their best in harsh environments like this. For this reason, Lechler has designed specific wastewater treatment equipment and products because we know that dependability, durability, and quality are what you expect from our products. Unique designs like our self-cleaning shower headers reduce maintenance time for operators so that production is not affected.  Learn more.

Wastewater treatment equipment


  • Bar screen cleaning
  • Foam control
  • Belt filter press cleaning
  • Gravity belt thickener cleaning
STAMM Self Cleaning Showers

STAMM Showers

Lechler Stamm Showers are provided in order to properly distribute media onto a stationary or moving surface.  Our Stainless Steel Stamm Showers enable clog-free operation by means of an inline cleaning brush assembly. With the simple turn of a manual or automatic handle, internal brushes clear debris from our self-aligning nozzles. A variety of configurations, flow rates, and sizes are available.

If your process requires excellent spray distribution and minimal downtime, Lechler Stamm Showers have you covered with the original “Brush and Flush” system.

Easy Flush foam control nozzles

Easy Flush Foam Control Nozzles - Series 564

Designed to control foam within aeration tanks in waste treatment plants, the Easy Flush nozzle has a unique orifice configuration which produces an efficient flat fan spray. The Easy Flush nozzle also utilizes a Buna N deflector insert for quick removal upon wear, without complete nozzle replacement.

easy flush foam control nozzles

Easy Flush nozzles feature larger free passage than conventional flood type nozzles which limits clogging. They utilize low pressure liquid flow, for reduced pumping costs. In the event of a clog, simply lift the counterweight to flush the nozzle clean.

easy flush foam control nozzles

Select the Easy Flush nozzle size that provides maximum coverage at the lowest possible pressure and flow rate. Typical installation uses .3 to .4 GPM per foot of coverage, with nozzles mounted on 3 to 5 foot centers.

Easy Flush foam control nozzles

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