Oil and gas platform benefiting from marine fire supression nozzles

Marine Fire Suppression Nozzles

Marine Fire Suppression Nozzles  

Commercial and industrial marine operations may involve using materials or equipment that may create fire safety hazards. Due to the limited availability of emergency aid to these areas, companies require marine fire suppression systems to eject water or foam onto the flames to contain, suppress, and extinguish fires. At Lechler, we offer marine fire suppression nozzles that work for a range of applications.

Marine Fire Suppression Nozzles

Marine fire suppression nozzles are designed to handle the harsh weather and saltwater conditions that are present in marine environments that could pose excessive corrosion and wear and tear of parts. These nozzles are designed with special material and anti-clogging capabilities to ensure that a steady stream of water or fire suppression foam is emitted toward the hazard. Fire suppression nozzles complement fire systems that detect the presence of open flames, smoke, or high temperatures as the system automatically opens the valve to release the pressurized foam or water lines to douse the immediate area, equipment, or process.

Benefits of Marine Fire Control Nozzles

Marine fire control spray nozzles are necessary systems for materials that are volatile and combustible, operations that may create excessive heat or smoke, or for areas where a fire or explosion could endanger workers, customers, or the general public. These nozzles can handle a wide range of water or foam pressure to provide and even distribution of liquid. They come in different spray patterns and angles based on the type of fire suppression system that is in place, such as deluge or water wall.

Applications for Fire Suppression Nozzles

Marine fire suppression nozzles can be used in any application where smoke, flames, or dangerous temperatures are present. They can be used at docks and related operations, on ocean liners, commercial vessels, oil & gas platforms, wellheads, and other types of environments.

You may place these fire suppression systems near combustible materials or equipment that produces high temperatures or excessive smoke as a way to douse the materials or equipment to prevent fire and smoke hazards. The water and foam nozzles may also be placed along emergency exits, walkways, and other paths to create water walls that protect workers and can allow for escape. Marine fire suppression systems may also be placed near fuel holding tanks and piping to help control flames while allowing workers to shut down systems that may be fueling the fire or that may explode when coming into contact with flames or heat.

Work with Lechler for Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Here at Lechler, we offer a variety of nozzle types that may be used for fire protection. Our full cone nozzles with the spiral inserts allow for even distribution of water droplets and provide clog-free applications for foams or other liquids that may contain fire suppression particulates. We also offer full cone deflector plate nozzles without the swirl inserts for a wider spray application. Reach out to our company to discuss your fire suppression needs.