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Less maintenance and increased productivity

Depending on your operations and the amount of dirt, grime, chemicals, organic matter, metal burrs, or other debris produced, you need a reliable and cost-effective way to minimize the substances on parts, equipment, and work surfaces. Industrial parts washer & cleaning systems can be used in a variety of settings, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, contract manufacturing, and other industries. Learn more about the importance and benefits of these spray technologies.

The Importance of Industrial Cleaning Technology for Workstations

During the course of an average workday, processes may produce dust, dirt, grime, films, or other particulates on surfaces. These contaminants can be transferred over to parts and equipment while in the midst of creating products, parts, equipment, food, beverages, and other items. These contaminants can damage products that may need further processing when moved to other workstations, or make a consumed product dangerous.

In other instances, the particles can infiltrate equipment. When this occurs, they can stick to surfaces and build up, causing premature wearing of components or can cause components to break down. This issue can cause unexpected downtimes and increased maintenance costs to repair or replace the equipment.

Industrial cleaning technologies are designed to work during production processes. They are set up during key areas in the production line to clean parts and products as they move along conveyor belts and workstations. Parts and equipment become clean without halting processes or having workers take time from out of their schedules to perform the tasks. Then the parts continue to move along the conveyor for further processing.

With industrial cleaning technologies, parts are thoroughly cleaned without coming into human contact. This factor minimizes the likelihood of parts becoming dirty again while improving operational productivity. The cleaning systems cut down on the maintenance required to clean and sterilize equipment by hand, which lowers production costs.

Benefits of Using Lechler's Products for Industrial Cleaning

The types of industrial parts washer & cleaning system used will be dependent on the company's operations and the setup of the workstations. Some technologies that are available include cleaning oven racks for bakeries, conveyor belt washers for dishes, deburring washers for metal parts manufacturing, engine piston and oil sump cleaning equipment, wafer cleaning for printed circuit board manufacturing, and cleaning as pretreatment for paint applications -- just to name a few.

Here at Lechler, we offer industrial parts washer & cleaning systems to workstations. Our spray nozzle technologies can provide a range of benefits, such as four sided spraying, dual lane continuous cyclic cleaning, and high pressure nozzle configurations. You gain greater control over droplet sizes, flow rates, and spray angles to provide optimal cleaning of all surfaces to remove grime and dirt instantly from parts and equipment.

With Lechler spray technology solutions, designed for industrial processes, companies can make their production lines more efficient while cutting back on both maintenance and costs. Click here to learn more.



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