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Perfect reliable planning – TankClean simulation software

Planning the perfect cleaning process for your tanks can be a challenging prospect.

Identifying whether certain nozzles and systems will be able to reliably clean all surfaces of the tank cannot be decided with a simple visual inspection. Many tanks have built-in equipment such as agitators of baffles which can create spray shadows, as well as other issues which prevent a thorough clean.

When problems such as these are identified, our tank cleaning simulation software can provide huge benefits and insights to help you make the most of your cleaning system & procedure.

TankClean Software

With our new and unique TankClean software, we can help you find the ideal solution for perfectly cleaning your tank. To do this, we replicate the tank geometry in the software and then simulate the spraying operation. Operation of all Lechler tank cleaning nozzles can be simulated – from the static spray ball to the high-impact tank cleaning machine. The result of the simulation is documented and provided in a PDF or video file. Simulation with TankClean can already be used as the basis for optimum cleaning in the planning phase of new tanks but is also suitable for optimizing existing tank cleaning processes.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Tank Cleaning

Be confident in your choice of the best product for your surface type and application. When determining your best tank cleaning solution, Lechler’s innovative new TankClean software can help find what is right for your tanks, your application, and your needs.

TankClean gives you the ability to simulate any Lechler nozzle type (from static spray balls to high-impact tank cleaning systems), providing a PDF overview or video simulation of how they work so you know what will clean your tanks most effectively before actually making a purchase. To create these simulations, TankClean software pairs data on average nozzle outputs and spray angles with highly accurate digital replications of the tank geometry, accurately depicting the size and shape as well as any internal instruments found.

With this revolutionary new technology at your disposal, operators are given actionable insight into the optimization of existing tank cleaning processes and guidance for the installation of new equipment.

What Can Lechler TankClean Software Do For You?

Planning with Certainty
Planning with CertaintyWe assist you in planning your tank cleaning solution to ensure cleaning without any gaps. Utilizing tank cleaning simulations is crucial for planning. Knowing exactly what will happen before the service begins is pivotal to maintaining efficiency and reliability in any cleaning service.
Increased Process Reliability
Increased Process ReliabilityThanks to realistic and individually customized process simulation, we can offer you individual solution concepts. Special-need problems require special solutions, and this usually leads to some sort of compromised reliability within service. Not with Lechler. We offer a wide variety of customized solutions for your very need — and we are verified to prove it.
Optimize Existing Operations
Optimize Existing OperationsBy simulating the existing cleaning processes, we show you the optimization potentials for these processes. With Lechler, you don’t have to guess at what your tank cleaning process will entail. Rather, our tank cleaning simulation software is able to give you a full, accurate picture of optimized service for whatever need you may have.
Cost & Time Savings
Cost & Time SavingsSimulation makes it possible to detect any potential problem areas before final definition of the cleaning concept. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of time- and cost-intensive practical cleaning tests. Nothing wastes more time than re-servicing an area due to a missed problem. With Lechler’s tank cleaning simulations, you can sit back worry-free as the software detects any possible problems that may occur during the cleaning process.

The TankClean Software User Interface – Clear & Intuitive

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Step 1

Our software processes individual adaptation of tank geometries and built-in equipment. This means that however complex or unorthodox your tank engineering may be, our system can optimize a cleaning service for it.

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Step 2

Lechler specializes in the selection of the best tank cleaning nozzles on a per-application basis. Our nozzle selection can be seen on our website. We have more than enough products for whatever service you may need; don’t let one piece of hardware be the roadblock between where you are now, and where you want to be.

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Step 3

We then process a realistic simulation of the cleaning process. This means that anything and everything that will happen during the tank cleaning process will be shown in this simulation — with none of the realistic risk of the actual service. If something is not up to par before the time of actual service, our tank cleaning simulation software will be able to find it.

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Step 4

After the simulation ends, our software documents the results for your review. Additional notes can also be added as aids for the upcoming cleaning process.

Contact Lechler USA For Your Tank Cleaning Needs

No other nozzle manufacturer is capable of delivering the same level of capability and insight as Lechler. Our new and unique software is just one more example of how we can help you with whatever problems you may find, whenever you find them. No problem is too big or complex for this software. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more or to further inquire about tank cleaning simulations. We are happy to help you find the best solutions for your tank cleaning plan!info(at)lechlerusa.com