Spray Nozzles for Aluminum Manufacturing

Aluminum is the most widely used metal material around the world. It is used as siding on homes, kitchen frames, food cans, wrapping, and aerospace applications. Mined ores that contain aluminum oxide must undergo processing to extract the aluminum oxide before becoming cast and rolled into various shapes such as sheets, bars, and ingots.

During aluminum manufacturing, spray nozzles such as Lechler SELECTOSPRAY are used for various processes. Learn more about spray nozzles for aluminum manufacturing and how our spray systems streamline the production lines

During aluminum manufacturing, spray nozzles such as Lechler SELECTOSPRAY are used for various processes. Learn more about spray nozzles for aluminum manufacturing and how our spray systems streamline the production lines

Common Spray Applications in Aluminum Manufacturing

Casted Aluminum will go through a rolling process. This process involves placing the metal billets or slabs between two large rollers as the metal becomes flattened and worked until reaching the desired thickness so the aluminum takes a usable form, such as aluminum sheets. Two rolling processes include heat working and cold working.

Heat working involves heating the aluminum before placing it between the rollers. Cold working is when the metal is not heated before it is rolled. The rollers themselves may start to heat up, causing rolling problems such as striping. Spray nozzles such as SELECTOSPRAY are commonly used in the rolling process to keep the rollers uniformly cool without developing hot spots to ensure optimal surface geometry.

While cooling headers with spray nozzles is a top priority for manufacturers, there are other processes that use these nozzle systems. Spray nozzles may also apply lubricants and oils to punches and rollers. The nozzles help to control both the flow rate and angle of spray to ensure full coverage. In addition, nozzles may help to minimize lubricant waste for better cost savings.

Besides water and lubricant applications, spray nozzles may direct air on the aluminum and rollers to remove debris, blow off liquid during galvanizing, and dry off finished products. Spray nozzles may also apply coating and finishes to the aluminum.

Benefits of a Refined Spraying Process

Using water, lubricants, and air in aluminum rolling processes can become time-consuming and cost prohibitive if not applied in the correct manner. If the worked aluminum has thickness flaws or other issues, the aluminum turns into scrap.

To minimize waste, spray nozzles placed in strategic areas in production lines streamlines the manufacturing process and helps further automate the system. This method reduces human errors in the manufacturing process and allows workers to focus on other tasks. In addition, a refined spray process helps to further conserve resources. These nozzles can be customized to provide a specific droplet size and spray pattern for consistent coverage and lower water or liquid usage, leading to more cost savings.

Lechler SELECTOSPRAY Nozzles

To ensure rolling quality in aluminum manufacturing and to provide benefits in other aluminum manufacturing applications, Lechler's SELECTOSPRAY system promotes highly efficient pickling lines. We also offer a broad portfolio of nozzles for atomizing aggressive media and other individually tailored application solutions.

Uniform aluminum rolling thicknesses require a highly accurate cold rolling mill. Local, process-related heating of the rollers impair their geometry and rolling quality. In order to prevent this, Lechler has developed SELECTOSPRAY a complete system for selective roller cooling. For highly efficient pickling lines, we offer a broad portfolio of nozzles for atomizing aggressive media. In addition to tried-and-tested systems, we provide our customers with support in the form of individually tailored solutions. Learn more today!


Roll Cooling

Roll Cooling


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