Spray Nozzles for Precision Lubrication

Manufacturers in metal, automotive, steel, and other industries operate precision equipment for the production of a variety of products and parts. These machines run daily as metal components often come in contact with each other, requiring the use of lubrication. Applying lubrication manually can be difficult and sometimes dangerous depending on the workplace environment. Spray nozzles for precision lubrication offered by Lechler allows facilities to target component areas to ensure equipment continues to operate smoothly without damage or unnecessary downtimes.


Grey cogwheel and Spray Nozzle for Precision Lubrication

Benefits of Spray Technology for Lubrication

Working components that come in contact with each other such as gears, bearings, and tooling can create large amounts of friction when not properly lubricated. This friction can cause binding, seizing, and excessive wear to parts. In time, the equipment becomes damaged. Also, precision machining equipment may have their programmed measurements fall out of set parameters, which can cause tooling to incorrectly build products. This problem leads to product defects, damage, and waste.

To prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear, damaged components, emergency repairs, and inefficient operations, spray nozzles are designed to apply lubrication to working components. These automatic spray nozzles can apply lubrication to hard-to-reach components in an even spray distribution. This solution prevents friction, binding, and seizing. When it comes to enclosed machinery, lubrication options such as spray nozzles can provide a way for operations to continue at full capacity to prevent downtimes.

Best Uses for Precision Lubrication Nozzles

Precision lubrication nozzles are best used when requiring the application of lubrication in a controlled manner. The nozzles can apply the right amount of lubrication at the specific locations without waste. Spray nozzles are found in numerous industries for various applications including CNC machining. metal working, and food and beverage operations. Some common areas that can benefit from spray nozzles include gear boxes, metal forming rollers, conveyor belt lubrication, die forming and stamping equipment, CNC machining, metal fabrication equipment, and other processing equipment that relies on the movement of parts.

Important Factors to Consider

Not every industry uses the same lubricant, such as food and beverage industries when compared to aluminum manufacturing. The food and beverage processing industry requires two types of lubrication products: lubricants that are safe when coming into incidental contact with food or beverage products, and lubricants that can be used in food processing but should never come in contact with food. Knowing which types of lubricants will be used will allow you to select a nozzle that best fits that product.

Also, the consistency of the lubrication must be taken into consideration when selecting a nozzle. Many lubricants are viscous. Having various thick or sticky consistencies can cause clogging issues that will need to be addressed based on the spray nozzle that is selected.

You need to consider how the lubricant will be applied. Will the lubricant be a steady stream without clogging, or atomized for very fine sprays? Different spray nozzles can provide varying spray patterns. Fan type nozzles are designed for air atomized applications for external air mixing as well as internal air mixing with deflection capabilities. Another option is full cone nozzles. Full cone nozzles allow for unrestricted streams with lubricants that may contain particulates. These nozzles prevent clogging while allowing for an even flow rate.

Here at Lechler, we offer various spray nozzles for a wide range of industries. If you are looking for nozzle engineering and design for your operations, contact us today about your project.