Hydraulic Atomizing Nozzles

Hydraulic Atomizing Nozzles

Hydraulic atomizing nozzles rely on water to make very fine droplets. There are no secondary gas or air streams used to atomize the spray. These nozzles provide versatility by allowing for different types of liquids along with varying liquid viscosities to be administered depending on the application. Lechler offers hydraulic atomizing spray nozzle solutions for various industries.

Lechler's Hydraulic Atomizing Spray Nozzle Benefits

Hydraulic atomizing spray nozzles from Lechler do not require high pressures to atomize fluids. Just small quantities of liquids can be atomized in an even spray distribution to accommodate the application. You gain full control and an immediate response time due to the turn-down ratio.

Since it is a single nozzle, you have reduced costs and an easier installation versus installing a more complex twin nozzle system. You save on resource costs as you use less fluids for the applications while still maintaining top efficiency. There is also no risk of fluid loss since there is no atomization air used and no aerosol formation that could produce air pollution.

You gain a continuously variable flow rate and flexible adjustments so you have very short changeover times for products. Also, spray parameters remain constant even when dealing with different flow rates and fluids. You gain a uniform droplet size throughout the spray diameter ensuring full operation for the application.

Applications for Hydraulic Atomizing Nozzles

Applications for hydraulic spray nozzles will vary depending on the industry and equipment set up. These nozzles can commonly be found in oil, gas & petrochemical industries, food & beverage, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many others.

Coating Applications

Food and pharmaceutical industries often rely on spray nozzles for coating products. For food processors, they may add coatings to products to provide additional vitamins and minerals. In the pharmaceutical industry, coatings are often applied to medications to seal the surface before being packaged for use.

Humidification Applications

Interior air quality may be too dry for certain applications. Spray nozzles can atomize water to create mist that increases the moisture in the air to provide more humid conditions. Dough making operations require the air to remain humid so that the moisture isn't prematurely pulled out of products prior to baking. Greenhouses and other agricultural operations may require hydraulic atomizing sprays to add moisture to the air and over plants to keep soil moist and plants healthy.

Disinfection Applications

Tanks, process equipment, and other applications may require sanitizing and disinfectant agents to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating on surfaces. Hydraulic spray nozzles can atomize disinfectant products at an even rate while using less liquid, saving on costs while covering all areas.

Release Agent Applications

Certain processes may require products formed in molds. For the product to safely move from the mold, a release agent is applied with the use of a spray nozzle. In other applications, products may have anti-corrosion agents applied to provide a protective barrier.

Fluids That Can be Sprayed

Hydraulic atomizing spray nozzles can work with a range of liquids including water, wastewater, oils, lubricants, disinfectants, chemicals, release agents, and anti-corrosion agents. The nozzles can handle both free-flowing liquids as well as liquids with low viscosity.

Why Choose Lechler Spray Nozzles

Lechler offers the VarioSpray HP and the VarioSpray II hydraulic atomizing spray nozzles for companies looking to spray a wide variety of liquids in their applications. Our nozzles are engineered to increase productivity and while shorten production times so you can do more during your daily operations. Our nozzles are easy to install and maintain while providing you with a range of cost savings. Contact us today to learn more.