SNCR process

Selective non-catalytic reduction

For the noncatalytic reaction, a reagent (mostly aqueous ammonia) is specifically injected in the area of the optimum temperature window of approx. 950 - 1,050° C. Exceeding or falling below the temperature window will lead to additional NOx formation or an increase in the NH3 slip. The efficiency is reduced in both cases. In addition to the optimum temperature, parameters such as droplet size and velocity are also of crucial importance. Only with the appropriate nozzle and the right control concept can the droplets penetrate deep enough into the flue gas flow to ensure optimum distribution of the reducing agent in the flue gas flow.

Entstickung SNCR

Our solution

With our comprehensive know-how, we support you in complying with the limit values.

Lechler nozzle lances for DeNOx applications are fitted with special nozzles. The lances can be realized with all options such as protection tube, shifting device and expansion compensator. The nozzle lances are designed and manufactured in accordance with the process requirements and meet the specifications for DeNOx applications.

Our range of solutions includes DeNOx systems for different specified limits.

In addition to the SmartNOx starter system, Lechler has joined forces with STEAG to provide a modular SNCR system that can also be extended at a later time in line with requirements. The different configurations help you to not only adhere to the specified reduction levels and slip values, but also lower reducing agent consumption by 30% and more. Depending on the price of the reagent, this leads to a significantly quicker ROI for the injection system.

Highlighted Products

Nozzle lances and systems for denitrification

Nozzle lances and systems for denitrification

For complying with limit values

Lechler nozzle lances and systems for different specified limits, which can grow modularly to meet your specific requirements.

Technical data (pdf, 308.48 KB)

Nozzle Series

Twin Fluid Series 170/180

Series 170/180

Fine atomization, large cross sections, lower air consumption. 

Applications: Gas cooling, air humidification, flue gas desulphurization

Technical data (pdf, 100.15 KB)
Twin Fluid Series 150

Series 150

Liquid, air or vapor are supplied under pressure

Applications: Chemical process engineering, cooling processes, atomizing viscous liquids. 

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