Flat fan nozzles

Lechler flat fan nozzles stand for high impact and uniform liquid distribution with spray angles up to 60°. Flat fan nozzles with low flow rates are especially suited for humidifying and spraying in general. The flow geometry of the nozzle allows the production of accurate, compact sprays, available with different distribution patterns.

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Nozzle Types

Lechler low pressure flat fan nozzles

Low-pressure nozzles

Stable spray angles at a wide range of pressures. Uniform parabolic distribution.

Low-pressure flat fan nozzles
Lechler high pressure flat fan nozzle

High-pressure nozzles

Sharp uniform flat fan nozzle made from hardened stainless steel.

High Pressure Nozzles: Flat Fan
Adjustable nozzle systems

Adjustable nozzle systems

Ball joint, multi-directional swivelling range of 20°. Simple, quick assembly. Easy adjusting and cleaning. Retains orientation upon replacement.

Adjustable nozzle systems

Flat Fan Spray

flat fan spray nozzles

Flat fan spray atomization with flat fan nozzles

The spray pattern of flat fan nozzles features a sharply delimited line due to internal flow characteristics. The coverage width can be varied by modifying the geometric configuration of the nozzle orifices, where the liquid is shaped into flat, fan-like spray patterns. The flat liquid body takes on a laminar form and disintegrates into droplets as its distance from the nozzle orifice increases. Parabolic, trapezoidal or rectangular impact areas are achieved by adequately determining the functional and geometric dimensions.

Flat fan spray atomization with tongue-type nozzles

Regarding the flat fan spray atomization, tongue-type nozzles are of a special kind. The flat fan pattern is generated by a solid stream, impinging upon an external deflector plate (“the tongue”). Tongue-type nozzles are particularly clog-proof and produce a sharply delimited flat fan pattern.

Flat Fan Products: Parabolic Spray Arrangement

Spray Arrangement With No Overlap

Overlapping of Spray Pattern 25-35%

Flat Fan Products: Nozzle Geometries

Axial Style

Axial Style geometries generally have a parabolic distribution. Spray is concentrated in the center and tapered at the end.

Deflector Style

Deflector Style geometries have even distribution. Solid stream spray on a deflector plate.


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