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In automobile production, there are thousands of work steps that must transition properly.  Automotive spray nozzles and spray solutions from Lechler help make these transitions more efficient, while reducing production time and improving surface quality.  Lechler nozzles provide exact cooling or lubrication during CNC machining. Flat jet nozzles are used during leak testing to prepare surfaces for the next processing step and this is just a small part of our product portfolio.  We will gladly show you how our products can optimize your process.  Learn more. 



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Spray Technology for Automotive Manufacturing

Spray technologies are often used in automotive manufacturing industries to clean components as well as to apply various liquid products to surfaces. These liquid products may consist of protective coatings, paints, and even wax-based lubricants. Designing innovative spray nozzles allow for even applied applications without clogging due to the consistency of the liquid.

Learn more about the types of spray technology for automotive manufacturingand benefits of using Lechler spray nozzles to reduce costs.


How is Spray Technology Utilized in Automotive Manufacturing?

Spray technologies may be used in many common application areas, such as coatinglubrication, welding, and cleaning/washing processes. Coating applications may involve applying protection sealant to metal surfaces to prevent corrosion and pitting, strengthen surfaces, and apply paint colors.

Components that are machined, welded, or have coatings applied to the surface require cleaning and rinsing to remove debris, dirt, and metal particles from the surface. Spray nozzles are used to remove all particles and dirt from every crevice.

Lubrication applications in the automotive industry involve placing lubes on metal blanks and feed stocks. Lubrication may also be placed into cores during casting processes to better remove casted products. The lubrication would go into the mold's cavities before the molten metal is poured inside. Once the metal is cooled, the mold can be fully removed without sticking to the casting and damaging the product.

When soldering, spray nozzles may apply flux to radiator cores. The powdered flux has water added and then nozzles spray the liquid flux onto the radiator. The radiator is then placed into a brazing furnace to join metal components. The nozzles may apply protective coatings, sealants, and paints to automotive surfaces.


Benefits of Spray Technology in Automobile Manufacturing

Benefits of Spray Technology in Automobile Manufacturing

Spray technology allows the liquid to reach every crevice and nook of automotive parts. The nozzles are positioned in the optimal location and the spray design allows for a wide coating of the surface as the liquid is applied evenly.

In addition, Lechler nozzles are designed to better control droplet sizes without impacting desired pressure. A lower amount of liquid can be used at a lower pressure while application flow rates remain steady for even distribution.

How Automated Spray Systems Reduce Costs and Increase Savings

Automated spray systems minimize the use of manual tasks that must be performed by workers. Automotive manufacturers can increase productivity rates while still maintaining quality standards and a safe work environment.

By automating the processes, operations become more efficient. This factor leads to increased cost savings. Also, the design of the spray nozzles helps eliminate water and liquid waste during the application processes. Companies can save on their flux and lubricant products while also reducing water use.

Here at Lechler, we offer customized spray nozzle solutions for automotive manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about our products.


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